Who is really the problem here?

I used to think that our phones were making us antisocial.

Go on a train or walk into a room with lots of folks and you’ll see almost everyone trained on their screens.

This is so disheartening. And so common.

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But then I see pics of folks 50-100 years ago going off to work or waiting in line, each with a newspaper open before them.

No conversation. No connection.

Times, they really haven’t been a ‘changin.

Making real connections isn’t hard. But it does take effort, especially if the person next to you is glued to a screen.

Say hello. Get curious. Listen deeply.

That’s all it takes.

Especially today, you’ll make people feel like a million bucks.

And you’ll open up whole new relationships.


  • Naphtali Hoff

    Naphtali Hoff, PsyD, is an executive coach who helps understaffed leaders over-deliver

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    Naphtali Hoff, PsyD, is an accomplished executive coach, organizational consultant, and sought after trainer and lecturer. He completed his doctorate in human and organizational psychology, which analyzes successful individual or organizational change and development, and holds two master’s degrees in education and educational leadership, respectively. Naphtali’s practical, action-oriented approach has endeared him to his many clients. His personal experience in the leadership field allows him to understand leaders’ needs and craft solutions to help them optimize their performance and success. Naphtali is the proud author of, "Becoming the New Boss: The New Leader's Guide to Sustained Success".