We Are reluctant to know the truth.

In my 4th grade, one of my friends said, if tubeless tire got punctured we need to change the tire whereas tires with tube can be fixed without changing them. For the first time, I’m hearing about tubeless tires and believed what he said.

Years passed I got to know the real and amazed how he made me believe the lie he said.

Is he who made me believe? No, I realized the one who was reluctant to know the truth is me.

As it was my childhood it can be forgiven, what if I was reluctant to research and get to know the truth now?

That’s not correct, right?

Most of us believe what others say. We never look the originality of the fact we heard.

In earlier days it was gossip which made ways for false news. Now in the digital age, we face this problem as Fake news. And this one is a big threat to media.

Unless until we act to know the truth, fake news will emerge. Let’s suppress the false information and act on our own to find the truth in the upcoming year 2018.

Originally published at medium.com