Do you remember going on road trips with your parents and asking:
Are we there yet?

Here is the memory: summer holidays, my little brother, and our parents, pulling the pop up trailer, driving to a camp ground in anticipation of our annual vacation and enjoying the great outdoors.  Family hikes, camp fires and roasting marshmallows were always at the top of the list. A classic question after we’d been in the car for what seemed like a looong time.

We were impatient!

My Mother however, was prepared.  She had a number of games all ready for the dreaded question knowing that we would be looking for something to do to keep us occupied for the journey. The time did go by quickly and we were always excited and happy to be starting a new adventure.

Here we are now completing week six of voluntary isolation, practising physical distancing and where possible supporting our friends, family and neighbours as we continue to navigate this unusual journey.

We’ve been following the rules, taking it one day at a time, staying at home and trying to keep busy.  

Is anyone else starting to get bored?

There are only so many books to read, board games to play and TV to watch before we start looking for something that adds  interest and creates a little excitement in the day.

We are all beginning to ask the question: Are we there yet?

I am blessed, my parents, now in their eighties are in a high risk category, they have voluntarily been in a self imposted lock down.  Still living in their home, my brother and I do their grocery shopping and run errands so they remain safe and protected “at home.”

I had a wonderful conversation this week with my Mom talking about those road trips when we were kids and sharing a chuckle or two about the dreaded question: Are we there yet?

She has a wonderful attitude, and we agree, that boredom is a small price to pay for our continued safety.  Throughout our discussion we began to share ideas about what we can do now to keep busy.  Something that will help us pass the time while being productive.  

First, we discussed the wonderful stories about curb-side pick up and deliveries.  Mom decided she is going to bake. Each week she will make something that we will pick up and deliver to a list of people who will enjoy things like a homemade loaf of bread, butter tarts, cookies and soup.  A great way for Mom to contribute in keeping everyone safe with good food!

Her suggestion to me?  Paint!

She reminded me of the time that I took art lessons. The number of years that I explored different mediums, attending classes at various schools and connecting with private tudors in the community.  

Get out the easel, brushes and paint, we’re her words of wisdom. A few years ago, I had started to reacquaint myself with this pastime and once again I put everything away because life just seemed too busy to dedicate any time to my hobby.  She asked me to paint her a few pictures that she will hang in her sunroom and encouraged me to just be creative.

Why do Mom’s have all the great ideas?

Well, I have done just that – pulled out all of the art supplies and started painting.  I must admit it has cured my sense of boredom and I’m truly enjoying the creative process.

Sometimes, we need to start a new conversation to brainstorm a great idea.  Now is the time to be creative, take a second look at our hobbies and take advantage of the time to reacquaint ourselves with our passion.

I have answered the question: Are we there yet?

While I continue to pursue my love of art, and we move into week seven… I’ll be enjoying a few of Mom’s home baked cookies! 

Trish Tonaj is a Master Coach, Certifed Personal Trainer, Author, Mentor and Speaker offering keynotes on mentorship and workshops to scale your business. She is the founder and guest blog host for a portal in support of the entrepreneurial spirit and sharing great ideas.  Join us and share your story!