Part of being a successful person is providing your body and mind with the self-care it needs to optimally perform.

Does your me-time and time for self-care show up in your day?

There is a HUGE difference between saying, “I’m going to work out at three times this week.” and “I’m scheduling a workout for Monday, Wednesday & Friday at 7 am before I leave for work”.

Find the time, try out a new productivity app on that shiny phone of yours. Discover your natural productive rhythms throughout the day.

Develop a habit.

Being specific with your plans and your schedule will allow you to follow through more often than not. It will drive action, rather than wishful thinking.

Don’t wait until Wednesday and try to throw in a workout “when you have time.” Because you already know you won’t do it.

Look ahead at your weekly calendar, and schedule your workouts.

Once your workouts are on your calendar, take them seriously, treat them as you would a necessary appointment or client meeting.

It will take time, and you will face resistance while building the muscle of this habit, but once you get enough repetitions, your workouts will become part of your routine.

You’ll stop needing any effort or willpower to get them in your schedule.

They’ll become almost automated. That’s the power of habit.

Now if you are thinking, my schedule is way too packed to fit anything else into it, I challenge you to keep a time diary.

Your schedule reflects how you’re prioritizing the activities in your life.

Track your time for a couple of weeks to find out if it’s consistent with your health goals and values.

Here is how:


7:00 – 7:15
woke up; brushed; teeth; washed face
7:15 – 7:30
checked Facebook
7:30 – 7:45
still on Facebook
7:45 – 8:00
made coffee


Without judgment, ask yourself if your schedule reflects your real priorities. Then go back to the drawing board and make sure you are indeed a priority!