“A hero is no braver than an ordinary man, but he is brave five minutes longer”

– Ralph Waldo Emerson

Traditional definition of Leadership has always been associated with top down management style, position of authority that comes with the title and ownership of information. 

Up until now.

With the modern-day workplace, this traditional approach has evolved into a more collaborative approach blurring the lines between boss and the worker. Leadership is no longer tied to just a title or a position. It is for anyone who is courageous enough to step up and take responsibilities which are much larger than the job or themselves!

And yet it is not that easy and not all become leaders – so the question remains.

What does it take to be a leader? What leadership trait can enable you to make an impact in today’s constantly changing workplace?

Most of the times, you acquire a title or a position of a leader and you land up in a place where you can now make a difference . And a few other times , you have to carve your own path , follow your vision that can lead you to a place where you can truly make an impact ! 

Not for faint hearted !

While you already know desired qualities of a leader as being mission driven, task oriented , team builder , there is another key trait that makes a truly brave leader a human!

That rare leadership trait is Vulnerability!!

In conversation with Vulnerability expert Brene Brown, Oprah defines Vulnerability perfectly as “Willing to express the truth no matter what, the truth of who you are”.

It is that rare trait of showing up just as you are and allowing yourself to be seen with your imperfections.

The more willing you are to be seen with your imperfections, more you will gain trust. When you show you are prone to mistakes just like anyone else, you will be able to make deeper meaningful connections with people. Vulnerability is what enables people to bond with you emotionally and invest in your ideas or purchase your services because of who you are!

But Vulnerability in workplace?? Easier said than done! It requires immense bravery to take off the mask to reveal your true self and lead others through your authentic self!

So, how do brave leaders navigate through vulnerability in a constructive manner and yet inspire others while navigating through their own fears?

This is one of the biggest learning lessons from the latest business book “Brave Leadership” – rated as one of six must- read business books of 2018 by Inc and written by leadership educator and TEDx speaker “Kimberly Davis”

Kimberly Davis says,

“Vulnerability is both our biggest obstacle as human beings and our greatest source of power. It is the gateway to brave leadership”.

“Hide the Vulnerability and you lose the truth. It is in Vulnerability that lies the magic”

The Author through various practical examples in the book shows us the innate power of vulnerability and how it impacts Leadership! This is what makes us real, more authentic and more brave!

So, if you are brave enough to share your story, open up about your struggles, then you will soon find yourself surrounded by people who will support you and your vision! You will then have followers who want to follow you and not being forced to follow! And that is true leadership!

And yes, having a string of degrees from top universities on the resume is impressive…. until it isn’t. Leadership is beyond that and much more! It requires courage, unwavering commitment to the cause and ability to move forward and steer others in the direction you want to go to make an impact. And while you are at it, you need to project your most powerful authentic self to connect emotionally with your followers.

So, if you are aiming to be an authentic leader, then Kimberly Davis through the course of her book offers you many actionable tools, useful exercises that allows you to connect with your core real self and ultimately project that most authentic self to lead others.

The impeccable story telling will keep you turning page after page as you read through case studies – some through her well-known program “Onstage Leadership” and some other stories derived from her own personal experiences keeping readers engaged and pushes them gently towards owning their brave and lead from within!

Brave Leadership is a book for real everyday leaders.

This book is for those leaders who wish to lead through their authentic self, those brave leaders who with their shaky hands, tightened stomach still choose to stay strong for their cause and strive to make an impact! Those who power through their own fears and uncertainties and yet steer others towards a new direction!

And those are the real brave leaders of today , leaders who leap past the leadership jargon and connect to the hearts to their followers through their authenticity!

So, are you ready to take off your mask, be authentic and lead the way for others? Then this book is for you!!! Brave Leadership awaits you!!


  • Ash Rao

    Career Coach | Writer | Corporate Recruiter

    Ash Rao is a certified Career Coach and a HR professional who enjoys blogging about better careers, productivity and self-improvement tips.

    Her blogs have been published at Thrive Global, Fast Company, Social-Hire, Powerhouse Global Magazine and many other publications.

    As a career coach/recruiter she has helped many job seekers achieve their dream careers through targeted coaching on job search strategies, interview training, resume writing and building effective LinkedIn presence.

    She is one of the co-authors of an anthology book project  "Tough Road Creates Tough People" which is launching Oct 2019.