If you flounder when asked this question, you have not yet started your self-made millionaire journey. If, on the other hand, you can answer this question without hesitation, you have started on your path for success.

One of the 52 secrets for creating your own success is to map out your future. Budding self-made millionaires are incredibly clear about where they want to be in five years. They know that in order to get to their “THERE,” they have to know where they want to be in the first place.

If you have yet to figure out where you want to be in five years, schedule a meeting with yourself in a quiet environment in which you will be uninterrupted. Have one and ONLY one topic on your meeting agenda. The topic: If you were 92, what would you wish you would have done that you have not yet accomplished?

If you have a defined answer by the end of your first solitary meeting, terrific. If not, simply recognize, “It is not the answer. It is the question that is important.” By simply writing down, “Where do I want to be in five years?” you will have taken step one for giving serious thought to your defined goal-in-the-making.

Before the end of this first meeting with yourself, schedule your next self-appointment.  If you have unfinished business from your first meeting, then move the topic to your second solitary meeting.  It is unimportant if it takes, one, two or 10 meetings with yourself to figure out where you want to be in five years. What IS important is your answer. That, I promise, yes promise, WILL come to you. It is simply a matter of when…..