If you clicked on this article, you probably consider yourself a spiritual person. You might also consider yourself an entrepreneur. Or at least you would like to be an entrepreneur in the near future. But do you consider yourself a spiritual entrepreneur? Do you know what a spiritual entrepreneur actually is? 

If someone owns a doughnut shop, but also meditates, couldn’t that person consider him or herself a spiritual entrepreneur? Well, sure, I suppose so. But that’s not what we’re talking about here. 

We are talking about those who are dedicated to making a positive impact in the world and raising the global vibration through not only their lives, but also their careers. 

Your business is a mirror of where you are vibrationally. It is a direct reflection of you. If there is a vibrational mis-alignment, then your business will not be aligned and you won’t be able to attract clients. These vibrational mis-alignments usually appear in the form of limiting beliefs. You may not even know they are there, but I promise you, if you aren’t successfully bringing in clients so that you have a 6-figure spiritual business, then something is amiss with your vibration. Your clients and money will be attracted to you based on your vibration. 

So, are you a spiritual entrepreneur? There are some particular attributes a high-earning spiritual entrepreneur needs to have:

  1. They know it’s their mission to raise global awareness. They know they have a gift—a gift to share with others.
  2. They also know Source blessed them with this gift for a reason. That is why it is their duty to share it with the world. 
  3. They know that living a life of mediocrity serves NO ONE.
  4. Finally, they understand that everything in the Universe needs to be in balance. Everything. The Law of Compensation is always in play, and that means there must be an energy exchange between two parties. When you give, you must receive. That includes your spiritual gifts. I will go much more in-depth on this part later. 

Does this sound like you? Are you ready to shift consciousness around the world by creating a movement with your message? 

I mean movement, as in really stepping out there—being the next Colette Baron-Reid, the next Sonia Choquette, the next Esther Hicks. I mean really getting ready to step up to the plate and create a ripple effect on the planet, because that’s why we’re here.

That means no more dabbling in your spiritual business because, really, no one ever created anything great by dabbling. 

Do you know any famous dabblers? No? Neither do I.

If this is you, then it’s finally time to master you and master your business so you can go from serving a few to serving thousands. All the while creating the financial abundance you deserve.

To being your path as a Spiritual Entrepreneur start with these steps:


A big mistake made by spiritual entrepreneurs is assuming you can help everyone. And while yes, I’m sure given the right circumstances you could change every life, it is impossible to market your gift to everyone. You need to get ultra clear on who you are serving. When you are clear on who you are serving, you will be able to market directly to them.


What is the problem you are solving for your tribe? Again, this is about being ultra specific. You want to avoid saying things like, “I will show you how to live a balanced life,” because it is ambiguous and has a different meaning for everyone. Get specific about the problem you are solving so you can connect with your tribe and show them you understand them.


People want to connect with people. Don’t hide behind a business name. Source has given you amazing gifts, step into your power and show the world who you are.


Now that you know who you are helping and the problem you are solving, it is time to plan out how you will change their lives. Define the steps you will take to get your tribe from where they are today to where they want to be tomorrow. List out the process in 5 steps, and you have your first course.