Choose wisely because the rest of your life could depend on it.

I’m going to draw an imaginary line right down the middle of your life. On one side of the line you have designated yourself to be a victim on the other side you are deemed to be a creator.

When you are on the victim side of life your responsibility for your circumstances plummets almost to zero. The activities you like to partake in include; blaming others, blaming nature, complaining, and all around feeling sorry for yourself.

When you take just one step over to the creator side of life amazing things begin to occur. Circumstance is no longer out of your control, in fact it becomes a direct reflection of your actions. Instead of complaining and blaming others for your situation you own up to it and take the necessary steps to improve upon your life.

So I ask you, which side of life are you on?

Quite Frankly, I Don’t Believe You

You say you don’t reside on the victim side of life but I’m not convinced.

If the phrase “be realistic” is used in your vocabulary then you are not a creator. Creators defy what is “realistic” because their reality is not set by circumstance, others, or societal norms.

If you complain about people, the news, the economy, the weather, entertainment, or your job…guess what? You are not a creator. Creators never waste precious time or energy complaining about such things. Instead of complaining, creators take deliberate action toward changing something they don’t like or on the flip-side they don’t give a shit at all because these everyday complaints have no effect on them whatsoever.

If you blame your current situation on anyone or anything, then once again, you are not a creator. Those who hand out blame show little responsibility for their life and thus believe their circumstance is not their fault. Creators on the other hand understand that their circumstance is no ones fault but their own which gives them the unique advantage of continually improving upon their current selves.

How about now? Do you still fancy yourself a creator? If not, don’t fret about it, for it is time to learn about creators themselves.

Creators Love Obstacles

Yeah, it sounds funny right? Who the hell in their right mind loves obstacles? Well…as the title says “creators love obstacles” and here’s why:

1) Obstacles Create Resilience

The process involved in overcoming a setback is usually not one that is enjoyed. However, what the process teaches us is resilience. In my perspective, resilience is having the emotional stability to bounce back from any type of surprise life throws at you.

Creators understand that this is a key attribute toward living a happier life. When one is accustomed to getting knocked down they become just as accustomed to getting right back up.

2. Obstacles Teach You About Yourself

When put in a difficult situation you have no choice but to operate at a higher level. You are forced to match yourself up against whatever it is you are facing at the time otherwise you will falter in defeat.

These rough patches in everyone’s life are crucial in one’s own understanding of thyself. Obstacles light the way for abilities you never knew you had, ideas that were never present, and strength you didn’t realize you possessed.

3. Obstacles Make Life Interesting

Without obstacles or challenges, life can be downright boring! This is one of the reasons why creators love obstacles so much.

When we accept, or better yet, embrace obstacles that enter our life, every day becomes a new exciting adventure for us to tackle.

Creators Don’t Wait For Approval

They just do it.

If you want to do something and feel it within you that it is the right move, then what the hell are you waiting for?!?

We all have great ideas, so what’s the difference between those who cash out on them and those who don’t? Isn’t it obvious? The ones who execute on their ideas are the only people who get anywhere in this life.

I can guarantee there was a time where you saw an advertisement for a product or service and shouted out “that motherfucker stole my idea!”.

That’s right, not only did they steal your idea but they stole your opportunity for success and fortune. Now who’s fault is that? Silly victim, success is for creators! (Think Trix cereal…you’ll get it)

Stop overthinking and stop waiting for approval. As the wise Shia LaBeouf once said “Just Do It”.

Creators Create Their Own Reality

Will Smith, someone I believe we all can learn from said something extremely powerful on a video I watched several years ago. It is still to this day the most powerful quote I ever heard. He said:

“Living in reality is the most commonly traveled road to mediocrity”

If this is your first time hearing that, please take the next thirty seconds to let that sink in.

Within that same video, Will Smith provided several examples why living in reality stunts innovation.

Before the airplane, was it realistic to bend some metal and fly it across the ocean safely with people onboard?

Before electricity, was it realistic to flip a switch and miraculously have light display before your eyes?

Both inventions at the time seemed to be completely unrealistic by the majority’s standpoint. Luckily, both the Wright brothers and Thomas Edison thought otherwise and now we get to enjoy the convenience of electricity and flying safely across continents.

With that said, creators do not spend time in what we have all come to know as “the reality of life”. Instead, they create their own reality that fits their unique mindset, ambitions, and perspective.

When someone tells you to “live in reality” or to “be realistic” what they mean to say is “you are doing something different that I don’t quite understand so I wouldn’t advise doing it”. Essentially, they are speaking from their own perspective but lack the ability to see things from your unique point of view.

No one and I mean no one, has either the power nor the right to decide what “reality” should be for you. You are and always have been the creator of your own reality, so remember to shape a life that is worth living for yourself.

Now, I rephrase my original question: after reading my article, which side of life are you going to choose, victim or creator?

Why I Write

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