Before you start campaign for the job you want, you should decide what it is that you have to sell to an employer. Your skills, your abilities, your training, your education, or your experience?
A resume is a sales instrument and must be prepared just as carefully as any written sales material.
A resume writing service Resumestime, where work young professionals cv writers , present you in the best possible light, because it forces you to summarize what is valuable to an employer. More importantly, a resume informs the employer why it is that he or she should hire you. 
If a resume convinces the employer and he or she picks up the phone and calls you for an interview, then it has done its job. Now it’s all up to you.
You need a resume not because most employers insist on seeing one. We all know that we have to work to make our dreams come true. This is also true of dream jobs. If there is a job that you earnestly want, then send in a resume that will highlight your professional skills.
It is only through your resume that you can convince employers that they will benefit from your presence in their company. Why your skills are worth the company’s money. Why you are better than the other applicants. And why you are the best person to untangle and resolve tough issues that may arise in the actual job situation.
For argument’s sake, let’s say that you cold-call an employer and ask if you can discuss job opportunities. About ninety-nine percent of the time (perhaps even more) he will ask you not to waste his time, but if you’re really serious to send in a resume.
Employers do not have endless hours of spare time that they can spend with you discussing your future employment with them. Given the extensive streamlining in companies most employees are doing more than just one thing at a company.
Therefore, if you think you can just telephone and set up an appointment for an interview, you are seriously selling yourself short.