Is Your Device Controlling Your Life?

Tech addiction has become more of an epidemic than initially thought. It seems everyone who was talking about it has stopped. Why? When it is more prevalent and dangerous now than ever!

Although the internet was intended to make us more interconnected; we have since discovered it is also having “disconnected” us from our unique ability to communicate with our family and friends.

While smart phones, tablets, and laptops are convenient and are a necessity to our daily lives; we have become so attached until now our devices have become our drug of choice.

Now, before you stop reading this; here me out.

How many people do you know who are still around who do not have a cell phone? Even the government has made a cell phone available for individuals on fixed income.  Cell phone in some cases are the only phone many people have access to. The home phone has become like the dinosaur; extinct.

Take a walk through the mall or go to a restaurant or any public place for that matter, and you will see what I mean. People are on their cell phones.  Couples are sitting across from each other looking at their phones.

Technology has completely taken over our lives. We have learned to depend on a device for walking, talking, entertainment, directions, instructions, communications of every kind and yet, we still have not realized how far we have grown from the direct conversation and communication with human beings.

We are created to stay connected with other people. We are created to have face to face conversations whenever possible; technology has replaced that.

I have been a featured guest on many radio and television talk shows sharing my thoughts and insights on the subject of Tech Addiction and find that many people found it to be refreshing to talk about the obvious.

Families of the 20th Century struggle with having dinner at the dinner table. Families in the 21stCentury struggle with trying to locate each other in the same house.

How do we get back to human touch? How do we revive relationships lost in the digits?

Plan A Tech Fast

Choose a day to cut off the cell phone and stay off the internet when possible. Notice how your body feels. Take note on how your mind struggles to let it go. Push past the feelings and thoughts and get to the end of the fast. You will be glad you did.

Make Time with Someone; Their Time

Whatever you do unto the least of these; you do also unto me.  Treat the person you are with; with respect and let them know they are worth your undivided attention.  Parents on the phone never hear the child in need. Get off the phone and listen to your child.

When Possible Call Rather Than Text

A longtime friend sent me well wishes via a text message.   I called and ask them not to do that again. Why? Should I have been happy with a texted birthday wish? No, this person had known me too long. When we set boundaries in our lives, people will respect those boundaries. They apologized understood my position and we went on from there and our friendship is strong.

Decide On Your Mission and Stay with That Plan

God has a plan for your life and He wants to make you happy.

It is up to you to discover your purpose and do not allow tech addictions and tech distractions. It is up to you to decide to stay with your mission in life and use technology for its intention, and that is to help you connect with people and to get the job done.

Set Limitations for Your Children

The American Academy of Pediatrics suggests that children under the age of 2 years should not be exposed to any device. Their brains are still in development and should not be placed in a position to get connected to a device rather than a person.  Children 3-5 years no more 1 hour per day. Children 5 years and up 2 hours and teenagers no more than 4 hours per day.

Dangers of Tech Addiction

Some of the dangers in becoming addicted to technology are:

  1. Isolation.: You will find yourself spending more time with your device than you do with your family. Your children only know you via text. They will soon lose the ability to have meaningful conversations with you.
  2. inability to communicate: This one has been coming since the inception of the wide use of technology. We meet and match online; however true relationships do not hide behind the screen. People who have a genuine interest always connect face to face. This removes barriers and creates that human connection God designed us to have.
  3. The Development of Abnormal Behaviors o”Not Right” about having a conversation with a device and a persona when in social settings (no longer connecting to people you know well), spending more time with an imaginary friend rather than a “real” one. There are others, and I am sure you will manage to come up with your own.

We are designed to have communion with God and with our fellow man. When you find yourself more engaged with a machine than a person; it is time to take a break and put your devices on rest.

Some Suggestions:

  1. Try putting social media to bed along with your phone.
  2. If you have a walking buddy, try walking with only one of you carrying a phone.
  3. Decide not to talk/text while driving or riding.
  4. Have “office hours” for your devices. Close the door and turn off the lights. These are simple yet important suggestions for you when you feel as though Tech has gotten control of your life.

Sound Advice

Use technology for its intended purpose to create an interconnectedness that will be beneficial for your family, friends, and business.  Remember it is technology.

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