You are both ambitious and a multi-passionate if…

You have so many passions and often worry others will think you’re scattered or confused.

You continuously get frustrated by the belief that you have to pick one thing to do with your life and business and are determined to conquer them all.

You’re naturally curious, creative, and a “jack of all trades”.

You love doing #allthethings a have found the multiple hats of entrepreneurship exciting.

You struggle with balancing expertise in ONE area while exploring other passions (but simply focusing on one thing wouldn’t be fulfilling to you).

You hate the feeling of your skills being put in a box and not fully recognized.

You usually have so many ideas that you aren’t sure where to focus your energy first.

You thrive in environments that allow you to express many of your interests and talents at the same time.

Does this sound like you?

It’s okay! You are not alone.

3.4 million women identify multi-passionate and that looks much better that saying “less than one percent” too.

You’re ability to see the big picture and how the details connect is a gift, not a curse, and one you should embrace with excitement.

I want you to destroy the box that society is trying to put you in. No more labels, no more limits, just endless opportunities.

In these unprecedented times, the world needs someone to provide a NEW outlook based on multiple ideas, multiple solutions and multiple passions.

The road ahead is paved with your compelling enthusiasm and as you explore, you will also become the hero others are looking for.

Set your sights on the things above. Use your voice to inspire, educate and help other progress. Use your time to help other looks up instead of trying to niche down.

Your dreams know the way, they are waiting for you to to take flight and join them on this journey called life.

The best part.. entrepreneurship is the road less traveled. Create a new path as you reach for your dreams. Open the doors to your best life as you unlock your success.

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