The coronavirus completely changed our lifestyle and had an impact on several traditional sectors, such as education, employment, health, entertainment, among others.

Without a doubt, it has been a sudden change for all; However, little by little we have overcome it thanks to our ingenuity and motivation to get ahead

Try to get a business mentor, someone who has been through the same thing as you and can give you valuable advice based on their experience. More tips below!

One of the dreams of Aaron fowkes as an entrepreneur is to leave the competition behind, strengthen his business, and offer the best shopping experience operating within the law.

Pay attention to the following strategies, which will make your entrepreneurship improve. 

1. Look at things in perspective

Take the distance from daily operations and analyze your strategy. Spend time away from the company, see what you are doing well and where you can improve. It is also recommended that you do a SWOT analysis (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats) to find new ideas and methods that will move your business forward.

2. Collect suggestions

Accept the opinions of other people involved in your business. Your coworkers and suppliers can be a great source of ideas and contacts, it would be a good idea to hear their input.

3. That experienced people advise you

Try to get a business mentor, someone who has been through the same thing as you and can give you valuable advice based on their experience.

4. Assemble a good team

You must integrate your team members, creating synergy and getting the best out of each one. The idea is that with the contribution of each one the business achieves the desired results.

5. Don’t neglect customers

Pay special attention to how you reach your customers to ensure that you meet their needs.

6. Alliances are essential

In difficult times, SMEs must support each other, complement their ideas through alliances or promotions that attract the attention of new clients, and trust those they already have. For example, a food company can partner with an order delivery company and thus deliver orders, preventing its customers from being exposed to contagion.

7. Digital strategy in the DNA of entrepreneurship

One of the great lessons that this pandemic leaves us is that digitization is no longer an option. Now it is an important part of the business, from the image on social networks to sales platforms such as e-commerce. Technology, therefore, is essential to remain current and attract new customers.

8. Payment methods are not dangerous

It is still believed that payment platforms, e-wallets, and cards can be cloned. However, these platforms have the full backing of the banks; Furthermore, this option helps us avoid exposing bills and coins that could infect us with Covid-19.

 9. The importance of electronic receipts

Little by little, paper and accounting files disappear from the offices of entrepreneurs, as they rely on cloud storage and the delivery of electronic invoices and tickets.

10. Value the opinion of your customers

Your recommendation is important to build loyalty and attract more customers. Sharing short surveys will help you know what to improve or reinforce to gain their trust.

Finally, entrepreneurs will always be in constant learning; however, it is important to emphasize these reflections because they will help the business grow into the next year.