After completing education, one would definitely set up a plan or the strategy that would lead the one towards his/her dream job. Doing the job and fulfilling related responsibilities is not a one-shot game, you need to survive every typical task and situation in order to give the best output towards doing your job.

At workplaces, there are different types of surroundings and developed working environments which directly or indirectly lays vast impact on an employee’s growth and performance. It is obvious that for motivation and his/her monetary benefit, a person works in order to get his/her name on that desirable reputed position. It is true to get our position in the workplace, we have to work hard and apply every tactic or strategy to make our work seem best in the eyes of our boss in order to receive an appraisal and that higher position at the workplace.

While doing our respective job tasks we require support and team network through which our work duties become simpler to us and we carry a more positive approach throughout our work or to the designated project in many cooperative settings.

We tend to carry out our work, in order to complete our targets, but there is often that missing place in our workplace or while carrying out our tasks that people don’t get much appraised or appreciated or onto that position which they thought they would achieve by way of promotion within a year or so. Thereafter people tend to take it as others have got a much bigger advantage over them. Or maybe sometimes, they could also think that their luck is isn’t in their favor, everything going down and miserable. But the actual thing is we need to nurture and to make on-going continuous efforts in order to make our name or I can say in order to sustain ourselves in the most rigid working environment.

Ofcourse it is seemingly true, that some people who are present amongst us makes their space and makes progress within a short span of time and we sometimes remain at our own pace. Why is that so? There are fewer reasons, we need to keep in mind and to make it in our daily practice in order to gain an important position in our workplace.

The following few essentials are :

1. We people have enumerous ideas in our head, and there is always going to be that golden opportunity to apply them :

Doing business or desired job the thing, we all need is a brilliant idea which could enter into our brain any moment related to our work tasks or market environment, anything. We just have to wait for the opportunity to try our idea.

What could be done – Just pen down the gauging ideas out of your mind to a piece of paper or diary for its later implementation.

2. Strive hard on your cores and strengths :

Even a little bit of working experience, can give and provide us with our unique potential and capacity to master a certain skill set necessary to do our job. If you come across or know that you have become the master of the certain skill. Just grip it on and keep practicing!

What could be done – At your workplace, if you are good at one thing, try and put on more effort to master that skill in order to give a boost to your career.

3. Keep a watch on newer opportunities for your career breakthrough :

Eventhough we people are self-satisfied by our jobs, but at another step we could want diversity in working arena or want to learn/experience something new. So it isn’t a bad option to try out other opportunities also.

What could be done – If you need a change from routinal work, look at advertisements by recruitment agencies or from any influential person for bigger opportunities to sustain a healthy career.

4. Updation of your Social Media profile (LinkedIn profile) :

Make an efficient use to grab opportunity through updating your working profile, that is your LinkedIn profile to get in touch with big owners, employers, so that a highly attractive work profile can help you provide your big chance.

What could be done – If till now you haven’t made your LinkedIn account. Make it and reap benefits by getting noticed through your attractive work profile.

5. Try to increase your skill sets to perform more proficiently :

In order to give your thinking and learning a boost, try to learn a new skill which could prove helpful and more entertaining to help complete your diversified work tasks. Through learning something new, will give you unique taste of knowledge and way to tackle any business problem.

What could be done – There are some workplaces, which helps in creating creativity amongst its people to perform better, other options also include, e-learning, online learning courses, workshops, etc.

These are some essentials needed to be remembered for reaching your desired working position within time and applying minimal efforts to help you achieve your targeted goal.


  • Shaima Khan

    Founder Of Artizone Information, who has interest in content creation and managing web analytics

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