Everyone wants to feel better. Many practice lifestyles that encourage living in awareness, be here now, and live in the present moment. Ok. Now what? How can this recognition of higher vibration be sustained in everyday, mundane situations like going to the grocery store or sitting in a workplace cubicle? The idea of being awake upholds an almost mystical experience, only achieved in a sacred space, not while getting a facial, and yet both locations give me feelings of bliss.

So these small glimpses of awareness, being whole and feeling connected actually take place all the time, in quiet or volume. Do we choose one feeling over another? Can both awareness and superficial experiences exist simultaneously, free from blurring the boundaries of the other?

Several clients currently desire to live from a higher vibration, wanting a life free from stress. An amazing course of action revealed itself during our sessions, “Live life in parallel vibration.’ Wow. It no longer needs to be one or the other, awareness or not.

This upgrades the idea of multi-tasking into multi-dimensional, the capability of functioning in fully supportive vibrational way. This resonates with the story of a blind man who lived in a cave. For only one day, he was given sight and freedom to explore in nature outside the cave. Upon his return, he did not lament for his sight being removed. The awareness or bliss from experience sustained him far beyond a place of lack.

A beautiful way to integrate awareness into the day is to set a higher vibrational intention. One I use is “Today, I will listen with my heart.” And this can be silently repeated throughout the day as needed. This particular intention definitely helped me at a retreat where a supervisor started yelling at me in front of a guest. Even the guest said, “Wow, you’re agitated.” Clearly, we all have the capability to recognize the feeling or vibration of a situation. What I noted, because of my higher vibrational intention, I did not feel the need to attack nor defend. The supervisor and I spoke later and I received an apology filled with stories that justified that action, “I was tired. I was overwhelmed.” I spoke intuitively from my intention filled heart, “When you feel that way, simply love yourself.” The light switched on, touching this fellow healer who resonated with the encouragement to love the self.

Originally published at medium.com