Are You Awake Yet?

Much of the world population slumbers intoxicated by the falsehoods and fake news that is looped daily into the corners of our homes globally!

Like caged beings we are being force fed apparent facts designed to divide us in fear and dash any dreams we may have about individuality and independent consciousness. It is so much easier to control flocks of helpless sheep – who always follow the Leader! Thankfully, I am not a sheep but rather an independent, intelligent free spirit who doesn’t follow unquestionably any crowd! How about you? What tribe do you belong to? Tribe of Sheep? Or Tribe of Awakened Souls! Join me on

We were given the gift of intelligence and independent discernment, freedom to make our own minds up, but so many have been entrenched in the limiting beliefs that we are exposed to Daily. I always find it so amusing when a client tells me proudly, “I don’t think you will be able to hypnotize me” – given that we are in the trance of public media everyday of our lives. Life is a trance, either our own internal trance of thought, or external trance formed by what we choose to put our attention on!

When we are awake, we make more informed choices in relation to what we study, what we believe and how we choose to guide our future attention. We are Spiritual Consciousness housed in a physical body, yet we are so much more than that because our levels of consciousness span many dimensions, much higher than the apparent 3rd Dimensional Level we commonly call “Reality”!

We can become aware of the multi-dimensional expressions of our energy or life force by deepening our spiritual connection within. All the answers we seek reside within our own Soul Energy. Through Spiritual Development Courses and actively engaging in Spiritual Practices such as regular Meditation we can reconnect to the Spiritual knowledge and wisdom that we inherently possess as Divine Manifestations of Source Energy, our Creator.

I believe, our collective Soul Purpose is to evolve spiritually, to awaken fully to the truth of our multi-dimensional consciousness and to assimilate the higher vibrational energies/frequency within our energy.

Each of us, as individual Souls, are on our unique journey to achieving our Spiritual Awakening in order that our Soul may realise it’s own multi-dimensional vibratory ascension, our highest potential.

Our Soul achieves this through physical incarnation over many lives, raising our vibratory energetic frequency through our continuous Spiritual development & growth.

It is clear therefore that Spiritual development is a vital component in each of our lives, in order to achieve our individual and collective multi-dimensional ascension.

If you need help uncovering your unique Spiritual development or would like to explore your True Purpose, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Yvonne Clarke

Soul Coach, Energist, Regressionist & Empath.