The universal Law of Attraction says that we are magnets, attracting to us everything that resonates with what we think about, what we believe, and our intentions.

How this works is really pretty easy: you decide what you want and stay in a high vibration expecting that you will get exactly what you want, knowing with confidence that the universe (or God, spirit, source, or plain old quantum physics) will support you and deliver all of the components that match what you are expecting. Easy peezy, right?

We have billions of bits of information swirling around us all the time, but because our human brains can’t possibly see all of it, we only pick up on the information and components that match our beliefs and what’s important to us. It’s the reason why as soon as you notice a funky new Toyota in the mall parking lot, you suddenly see dozens of them on the road. So, when you want to get behind an idea such as “I bring in $10,000 in sales this month,” or “ I am a thriving café owner with four locations in New Jersey,” the universe will show you—and you will SEE—everything you need to make that true.

But here’s the secret sauce: the only way you will be able to see and pick up on the information that will bring you to the manifestation of what you want is to keep yourself in a high frequency. This means maintaining a vibration of optimism, wonder, love, and joy.

Often, because we are human, we slip all too easily into a low vibration. Feelings of frustration, discontent, fear, and downright lack of faith that we have the potential to live our dream can bring us down pretty quickly. And as if that’s not bad enough, this low vibration literally blocks our view from what the universe is presenting to us! We lose our intuition and gut instincts that pull us to where we need to be to see the opportunities around us.

In other words,

Sinking into a low vibration blinds us to the opportunities around us.

So when life gets you down, when a client cancels an order, when your kids are a pain or get sick and force you to cancel important meetings, remember that you really are being supported. Climb up the energy scale and get back to a high vibration by counting your blessings and noticing the things you have to be grateful for that are all around you.

Take off those gray colored shades— The universe is waiting for you to see what it has in store!


  • Mary Petto

    Author of "The Family Guide to the Law of Attraction" and motivational speaker

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    Mary Petto, author of The Family Guide to the Law of Attraction, is a sought-after private coach and transformational speaker. Her presentations consistently result in immediate feedback from her audiences of miraculous manifestations and completely transformed relationships.  Whether her clients are looking for romance, sales and business success, or better grades at school, Mary’s message is: Everyone has the power to create the reality they want to experience.