Are you collecting Galactic Chips? or Are you a Practicing Polluter? or Are you raising your Frequency?

I recently experienced this first-hand while traveling from Seattle to Ohio with my two children. We had attended a family wedding on Whidbey Island off the coast of Seattle. During a long weekend, we cover hundreds of miles squeezing in a wedding, a visit to a national park, and hiking. I was looking forward to the five-hour flight to catch up on some much-needed rest and my inbox.

As we found our seats on the plane, my seat neighbor and I made eye contact and shared pleasantries. It wasn’t long before I could feel the anxious energy that consumed her. Moments later I witnessed the exchange of energy with the flight attendant as she asked for a soda before the door had even closed.

I was tired yet excited to be on a flight home with my two kids. I fly often, but not with them. I enjoy traveling with them as they bring so much humor and awareness to our adventures. I didn’t want the energy from my rowmate to impact my experience and so to preserve this joy; I shifted my body toward my kids.

The Energy Experience Escalates

In my experience, it is a rarity for a person’s energy to shift from negative to positive or vice versa without a purposeful catalyst helping the transition. Often when a person is feeling negative or frustrated, each new element that crosses their path tends to exacerbate their feelings. The same can be said for my seatmate, as the trip was about to take an unexpected turn.

Shortly after settling in, the pilot announced a 90-minute delay due to weather. The woman to my right shifts her focus from needing a soda right this minute, to the fear of not making her connection. I was curious; does she realize that her energy attracts similar energy? Like a radio frequency, her frustration and negativity were radiated out to all around her. Working to shield my vibration, I focused on all the positive energy to the left of me.

As the next 90-minutes unfolded, I was enthralled by the energy exchanges happening within in the seats of my viewing. From the positive and cute interactions of the flight attendants with the kids to the kind couple behind me to the lady beside me, the energy shift and exchanges among passengers were noticeable and a great reinforcement to me that the energy you radiate, alters and impacts the energy you receive.

Don’t be a Practicing Polluter

In my first book, The Working Woman’s GPS, I wrote a chapter called Practicing Polluter for a specific person in my life. Our initial relationship was not by choice; she married a person that often attended the same gatherings. When I initially met her, I felt for her as her life had taken a series of bad turns. Without getting into too much detail, it appeared that she chose, maybe not consciously, to be the victim. Yes, she had some bad luck and a few bad people in her life, but she had many opportunities to take her situations and see the opportunity and gratitude, yet she chose to focus on the negative.

She had many blessing to be counted, among them, unlimited funds at her disposal, her health, and her family. Maybe she was not aware that she had a choice or maybe she was so altered as a child she could not find a way back to her light, or maybe this was not her time. Regardless of the why she chose to view life through a negative lens, she made a practice of drowning any listeners with her doom and gloom. Hence the Practicing Polluter analogy.

Take a Moment to Be Aware of Your Energy

Not being aware of the energy you share, could be the most dangerous of positions. It could be masked as “look what happens to me” or “can you believe how I was treated” or “why I am the unlucky one.” As I was thinking about the current situation, which was the catalyst for this article, it was so apparent that we were all heading in the same direction, and in this instance, on the same flight. Yet, we all had different experiences based on how we arrived on the plane and in life. We tend to perceive and respond to these experiences, exchanges, services, and situations differently, even though we are heading in the same direction.

The more I write about the power of energy and how it affects those around us, the more I love this set of circumstances on a plane because it highlights how our approach to a situation, the energy we exchange and our viewpoint, can make or break our experiences.

Learn to Collect Galactic Chips

My longtime dear friend’s daughter Aspen, 11 years old, shared the story of Galactic Chips with my kids the night before this flight, which was so timely.

Aspen and her family frequently travel far and wide, from South America to New Zealand and beyond. Consequently, they often experience travel delays, reroutes and cancellations. Aspen shared that Galactic Chips are collected as travel plans go wonky or downright disastrous and we choose to stay positive and happy. These are then exchanged at a later time when things work to their favor like a standby clears or an upgrade is granted.

She emphasized the importance of staying positive and appreciative rather than disappointed and frustrated. I was so delighted by her story and watching my kids listen to her specific examples was even more magical.

It reminded me about a nugget I gathered from a book I love, You Are a Badass by Jen Sincero. Jen shares a specific approach that I have already adopted and share often. When faced with a challenging experience say to yourself: “This is good because . . . . “ I love this approach because if you want to raise your frequency, you must alter the way you view, digest and respond to situations, events, and mishaps. This lesson, when put into practice, is one of the most important elements I have adopted to elevate my energy. I can attest that this simple sentence can directly impact how I feel, how much joy I experience, and what I attract into my life!

So take some time to monitor your exchanges, your energy level and your outlook to the situations you encounter.

  • Are you enjoy the journey of your life? Or are you a practicing polluter?

  • Are you excited about the exchanges you have with others? Or are you attracting the wrong energy?

  • Are you collecting Galactic Chips? Or are you swimming in negativity?

  • Are you conscientiously aware or are you in cruise control?

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