This is Part 5 of a 6-Part series on zoning in on where you’re at on your experience radar. How does it translate into your life – all aspects; lifestyle, career, finances, goals, play, adventures, people you meet, and how you’re living your life, every day.

As you look to your future, what is it that transpires for you? What is it that you want to dig into? 

Have you experienced enough in your life thus far to eliminate all that does not serve you or give you energy? 

On the flip side, have you enveloped your WHY? The why it is that you’re doing what you do.

Now more than ever, and I think even before COVID-19 I was saying; now more than ever, something will always hold you back. Something will always come up for you that stops you in your tracks.

I’m in no way diminishing the catastrophic results of this pandemic. The loss of jobs, livelihoods, homes and businesses. And yet I have also seen new innovations, collaborations and opportunities to forge ahead.

Interestingly, it’s during these tough times when you can’t see the light at the end of the tunnel, where you reinvent yourself. You have breakthroughs that you never thought possible.

The reason for this is that you’ve been forced to get out of your comfort zone. You hear that a lot and yet it never really resonates until you are actually faced with; getting out of your comfort zone. Before that you may have never felt the need. 

That’s why you read things like; “You need to get comfortable being uncomfortable.” – and you think – who really wants that? Unless of course, you’re put into an uncomfortable situation where you’re in survival mode.

The whole idea of getting uncomfortable came from a need. A need to endure more. To handle tough situations. A military mentality of breaking you down in order to build you up.

There is however something to be said for “digging into something.” It’s a true opportunity to find out just what you’re capable of doing.

Typically, more often than not, it’ll surprise you. I hear things like; “Wow, I had no idea I could do that.” “I’m so much stronger than I thought I was.” “I hadn’t realized I was capable of so much.” “This experience changed my life in ways I had never positively imagined.”

It certainly makes it intriguing, at the very least, to start digging into your potential. The you who has no idea what your limits are … yet.

To experience your life, is to experience more.

The tricky part is to get you out of your head and into action. Ironically, you need to tell yourself to stop talking to yourself in a way where you scrape ideas that move you into action. The idea of; “I’ll do it tomorrow” needs to be today. Now.

Ok, so, I’m here to help – share with me ONE excuse you keep telling yourself that stops you from moving ahead?

I leave you with this until next week when we dive into the final part of this 6-part series of; Are You Experienced where you may be thinking – now what?

Part 6 – Finally


  • Amy Goldberg

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