Or are you stressed, struggling and suffering through each day looking forward only to diving back under the covers at night? Or perhaps you are somewhere in between the two extremes.

I’m mostly happy and content in my life. I am so incredibly blessed and I know it. But, there was a time when my life was not easy— when my days were filled with struggle, suffering and stress. Even though I had many tools in my tool box to use to release my stress, I just couldn’t find a way to make them work for me.

My clients often come to me initially all tied up in knots with anxiety or stress.Some come at their wits end, wanting something to change once and for all. Many show up aware that the same pattern is happening again and again and they have had enough!

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Notice how you are feeling right now, in your body, mind and emotions. Overall, on a scale from 1–10, where is your energy level. One being stressed and 10 being blessed.

Sure, we have life opportunities and life happens, but overall,

we are designed to enjoy our lives more than most of us actually do. Life is meant to be good and ever evolving into better and better.

This evolving involves expansion. When you are tied up in knots, whether it is over money, relationships, health or anything else you are contracted in a way that does not allow a flow or expansion.

One simple thing to do is shift from contraction to expansion. I mean literally, physical and spiritually.

First imagine a kinked up, knotted up hose. The kinks prevent the flow of water to move through, the knots keep the kinks and the entire system is poorly functioning.

Realize that you are the hose and you have kinks and knots in your hose. A garden hose will not work optimally with kinks and knots and neither will you. Therefore, it is near impossible to enjoy a fresh flow of life in and through your being, all kinked up.

A simple trick is to create some space in your physical body. Stand up and stretch. Reach your arms up and out, life your chest, twist and turn to the degree your body allows you to. Reach down to your toes then up to the sky. Stretch your back and neck. Reach your arms straight out to your sides, look up and say: “As I stretch my body and I expand my being, I see new possibilities.”

Notice what happens in the simply exercise of expansion. Can you feel more ease?

Take notice again of how you feel right now, in your body, mind and emotions after doing this simple exercise. On a scale of 1 -10 where is your energy level now? One being stressed and ten being blessed. Did you shift? It truly can be that easy!

In-joy and with Ease!

Originally published at medium.com