Someone asked me this today,

“Where’s your happy place?”

For the first time in my life, I can simply say my happy place is right here, right now, wherever I go.

I bring my happy place with me.

I’m not sure exactly when my mindset changed, but for most my life, my happy place was some other place or some other time.

“Happiness is a direction, not a place.” — Sydney J. Harris

Damn, that’s such a trap.

Thinking happiness was a time in the past that could never return.

Thinking happiness is in the future when some condition changes.

Thinking you can only be happy if conditions are just perfect.

Thinking you need to be 100% free of the stresses of life or lying on a beach to be happy.

Those thoughts were like chains that were keeping me shackled to dissatisfaction.

They’re sinister beliefs that were quietly robbing me of inner peace, happiness, and even success.

Since we attract what we think about, thinking happiness is elusive only attracts more conditions to make you feel unhappy.

“Happiness radiates like the fragrance from a flower and draws all good things towards you.” — Maharishi Mahesh Yogi

Sure, some days are more fun than others.

Some days are more relaxing than others.

Sometimes life throws a curve ball and something really sh*tty happens.

But the happiness that’s our true nature, lives deep in our core. It’s always there, even on a day that doesn’t feel great.

Knowing it’s there and feeling that core happiness wherever I go helps me maintain a sense of inner peace and happiness even on the more challenging days.

As soon as I knew I didn’t need circumstances to dictate my happiness, I had true happiness.

When circumstances dictate happiness, happiness can be snatched away in an instant.

When circumstances dictate happiness, happiness can be snatched away in an instant.

We get on a roller coaster of thrills and crashes.

Lots of things can make us feel excited. But excitement is temporary. Sometimes it’s followed by a let-down when it’s over.

I’m talking instead here about a true inner sense of happiness and contentment.

This true sense of inner happiness is our birthright.

It’s accessible to everyone whether or not they’re frolicking on a beach or living in a mansion.

It’s accessible at any age and regardless of income, environment, or physical abilities.

I didn’t realize that feeling happy would make me feel strong.

my cartwheel on a sand dune

We do a lot of things to make us feel strong. Working out at the gym, eating super-foods, doing affirmations.

Being in a genuine lasting state of happiness is what really makes me feel strong, grounded, and unshakable.

I’m much better equipped to handle the stressful things in life from a state of happiness.

It’s your birthright too, so go ahead and claim it.

“Happiness is the absence of the striving for happiness.” — Zhuangzi

Peel off every layer of any thought that’s keeping you from feeling you’re anything less than happy and content right here, right now.

Ditch any beliefs or man-made rules that try to dictate whether or not you’ll be happy.

They’re all made up anyway. Everything is Made Up

Happiness is in there. Even if you haven’t felt it in a while, it’s in there.

The sun doesn’t go away on a cloudy day, it’s as bright as ever behind the clouds.

The same is true for your happiness. The sun is permanent. The clouds are not.

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Enjoy your day and be happy!

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