Have you ever had mornings when you accidentally put oregano in your coffee, instead of nutmeg? Honestly, after a good laugh, it didn’t taste that bad.

Or, those times when your morning deodorant just seemed to slip your mind? Can’t find your keys anywhere, running late, forgetting to brush your teeth, feeling clumsy, scatter brained, moody, or just “kinda out of it?”

When we feel overwhelmed and under-energized, we can end up literally going around in circles and exhaust ourselves before our day even gets going.

Feeling “off” happens to all of us, but especially when we…

Loose sleep, or aren’t sleeping as deeply as we could.

Are dealing with life transitions (ie: The death of a loved one, divorce, separation, change of  job or career, health concerns, etc.) which of course, can bring up deep feelings of loss, sadness, overwhelm, fear and stress.

When our health is not quite up to snuff.

When we over give to others and under-give to ourselves.

How are you moving through your life?

A question I’m always asking my clients (and myself) is how are they moving through their daily life?

Are you feeling overwhelmed?

This may seem like an obvious question, but so many times it’s difficult to be honest with ourselves about how we’re actually feeling. Many times people feel if they’re really honest with how they feel, it will make it too real, and they’ll collapse.

Do you know where your energy is focused most of the time?

Are you being pushed and pulled by others?

Do you push yourself through everything you do?

Are you able to give yourself permission to be fully present?

Do you allow space to realign your needs?

If you’re feeling nervous about looking more deeply into how you’re really feeling, a wonderful thing to keep in mind is the more honest we are about where we’re directing our energy, the more empowered we actually are. Clarity is energizing.

A 3-min. routine to help you refocus, reconnect and energize your mind and body.

One of the best things we can do when we’re disconnected, is to re-connect. This simple breathing tool will help bring you fully into the present moment, and at the same time begin to calm your heart rate and nervous system.

*If you’re driving keep your eyes OPEN ?

Begin by inhaling through your nose and allow your belly to expand. Then exhale as long as you can through your mouth. Practice 5 breaths.

Now it’s time to gently energize…

Stand with your feet shoulder width apart (make sure you have a clear space around you in all directions).

INHALE as your arms swing up in front of you and then EXHALE as you softly swing them down and back, gently bending your knees. Allow yourself to be as fluid and gentle in your movement as possible. Practice 5 times.

*Of course, if you have any pain (or injuries) don’t do these movements. Always check with your primary care physician. Taking good care of yourself is number one.

If you’re struggling right now

If you’re struggling right now, the most important thing to remember is that our energy can always be re-aligned. It may feel a little out of sight, but there’s always a path to reconnect our energy. Not to mention it’s really a great time saver when we stop leaving our keys in the freezer.