I am very obsessed with the phrase:

“But what if I fall?”

“Oh darling, but what if you fly?!”

The first question is something that has racked our brains probably all of our lives. We spend more time prepping ourselves for a potential fall rather than giving ourselves the chance to even consider flying.

Think about those cute little birdies being kicked out of their nests by their momma! I am sure they are wondering if they will fall yet they have no choice but to believe they may fly. If they did not believe they could possibly fly, then they would never flap their wings!

credit: Pexels.com

Why don’t we flap our wings?

Is it because the hope is sucked out of us from a young age? We constantly are told to be realistic. I am sure J.K Rowling was told to be realistic about being an author. Now she has a whole theme park based on her Harry Potter book series. I bet the Wright brothers were told that flying in a metal contraption was quite silly. Now we are ready to hop on a planes around the world because of them.

Credit: Taylor Charles

What does being realistic even mean?

I think the concept is truly relative. Your reality is what your mind allows you to believe. The impossible happens every single day. New discoveries, opportunities, and inventions constantly floating around.

So next time you ask yourself what if you fall, can you do this?

Visualize yourself leaping off the highest cloud in the sky to landing on a plush palm tree, to bouncing up to touch the moon, to falling down on a bed of roses, to then again bouncing up to reach the stars. Your possible is another’s impossible.

You may rise and fall but if you can always remember that you will fly following that fall, you can never truly experience failure.

Are you flapping your wings?