Are you going through a hard time and feel’s everything working against you? Do you feel like it has become unbearable and you cannot sustain anymore, not even for a single minute? Today, I am not sharing someone else’s story but my own. I have witnessed the darkest, hardest and depressed moments in my life, not once, not twice but many times, Yes and I still feel confident and keep struggling every day of my life. Why? Because I feel “hope” & “positivity” are the two best abilities that can take you out from the deepest dilemmas of your life.

Always remember to thank the people who have rejected you from the deepest of your hearts because they are the true motivators, the energy, and power behind to help in conquering your fears.

Never care about how the others will see you and what they will tell about you. If you ask me, it does not matter but if you care, you will only create miseries & depression for yourself. People can laugh and point at you, but they cannot stop you. Keep going and struggling without being sorry for you.

“Never lose hope, my heart, miracles dwell in the invisible.”


Dedicated to all those who are trying to achieve the meanings in their life through self-discovery.