We’ve all been in situations where it seemed that our day-to-day life and unbelievably busy schedules actually prevented us from moving forward and creating a personally successful life. You have dreams and goals but achieving them always seems to elude you. The fact is that the more you do during the day, the less you accomplish. What are you doing wrong?

You may not be going in the right direction for you. In other words, you’re good at doing everything you do, but you’re not good for you!

Not allowing yourself to take time out to navigate your life in the direction you want it to go will only guarantee that you end up in the wrong place time and time again. Like a GPS that can’t adjust itself to a new route, you keep going in around endless circles.

This is your life, so why does it seem that you, like so many other people, don’t spend the necessary time on actually figuring out what they would like to get out of this life and then making the time to get it? We let our dream of personal success stay just that, an unfulfilled dream.

Some people seek assistance from a life coach and from other self improvement resources and that may help. However, sometimes, what you really need is just a little uninterrupted time for yourself to plan what you need to do.

We each have our own definition of success. It isn’t enough to just decide that you want to succeed although that is a good place to start. What you need to do to make your life personally successful is to have what is called a ‘setting to getting’ goal system that requires three steps.

You set a specific goal and you make plans to get there.

The logical first step is making a list of what you can do right now to implement the necessary changes you need make. How can you begin; what do you need to do?

Secondly, you need to be totally realistic about finances. What is your financial risk factor? If you intend to change careers, can you do so without a major money sacrifice? Are you willing to make less money for a certain length of time? Going back to school? Make sure you know what this will entail in terms of budgeting your time.

The last step seems to be the hardest as far as many people are concerned: Taking the actual time to do what you want and need to do to set your dreams in motion. You must make sure that you give your goal top priority. If you put it last on your daily schedule or work on it as a “ I’ll get to it when I have the extra time”, you will shortchange yourself.

You need to be good not only to, but for yourself, to make certain that you are making choices that will lead to what you define as a successful life.


  • Kristen Houghton

    Kristen Houghton

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    Kristen Houghton is the award-winning author of the popular series, A Cate Harlow Private Investigation.  She is also the author of nine novels, two non-fiction books, a collection of short stories, a book of essays, and a children’s novella. Her horror novel, Welcome to Hell, was nominated for a Bram Stoker Award. Houghton has covered politics, news, and lifestyle issues as a contributor to the Huffington Post. Her writing portfolio includes Criminal Element Magazine, a division of Macmillan Publishing, Today, senior fiction editor at Bella Magazine, interviews and reviews for HBO documentaries, OWN, The Oprah Winfrey Network, and The Style Channel. Before becoming a full-time  author, Kristen, who holds an Ed.D. in linguistics, taught World Languages on the high school and university levels. Along with her husband, educator Alan William Hopper, she is a philanthropist for Project Literacy and Shelters With Heart, safe havens for victims of domestic abuse and their pets . mailto:  [email protected]