Taken for granted

Have you ever felt or experienced any of these?

If you answered “yes” then there’s a good chance you’ve experienced an energy leak. To explain…

An energy leak is when we’re expending energy in ways that cause an energetic deficit. For example, an energetic deficit is created by…

…saying “yes” when we really want and need to say “no”.
…doing things because we’re afraid that someone won’t like us or love us if we don’t.
…allowing someone to belittle or berate us.
…hanging out with energy vampires.
…reliving a past hurt.
…holding on to anger.

(I can raise my hand to all of these. How about you?) And when we are energetically deficit we are more susceptible to all the feelings mentioned at the start of this post.


I just recently heard Caroline Myss say something that blew my energetic mind and put how we expend energy into perspective. I’m paraphrasing here but she asked us to imagine being given only $100 worth of energy each day. That’s it. No more. No less.

As she said that I felt my throat tighten and my first thought was,
“Holy shit! $100 worth of energy isn’t a lot for a 24-hour period. I better be careful how I spend it.”

Damn straight.

Depending on how we spend our $100 of energy it’s possible to expend it in ways that create an energetic deficit. When we become energetically deficient we then have to borrow that energy from somewhere…maybe from our own cells (making us tired and susceptible to fear, self-doubt, etc.) or from someone else (making us needy or dependent).

As if that wasn’t mind-blowing enough she then encouraged all those listening to become energy bankers. Not in the lending of our energy, but rather in the ways we invest our energy. Investing it in ways that yield a high, positive rate of return.

YES! That makes perfect sense! Investing energy in ways that fuels our energy (or makes us feel good) and doesn’t deplete it.

Her wise wisdom has been echoing in my head for well over a week now. As a result, I’ve become more aware of what (and where) I’ve been investing my energy, making a point to invest it wisely.

There’ve been times this past week when I haven’t invested it as wisely as I could have, but I will say I’ve been consciously aware of those times. Here’s the kicker…in being consciously aware of when I’m not investing wisely (due to consciously choosing my actions and behaviors), I’ve actually leaked less energy than if I participated in the same activities in a mindless fashion.

Pretty cool stuff!


Energy leaks are bound to happen, but we don’t have let them leak to a point of complete and total deficit. Here are some things that will help stop the leaks and recharge our energy reserves.

Regular “feeler” check-ins. Feelings are awesome (not to mention extremely valid) because they serve as guidance. They clue us in to what’s going on in our world and what we need to pay attention to. They’re also great indicators of when we have an energy leak. If we make it a point to check-in we become more aware of our own energy expenditure.

Soak them. When we’re feeling heavy, stuck or depleted it helps to take an Epsom salt bath. Epsom salt baths are a great way to element negative energy and toxicity from our bodies.

Ask yourself, “Do I want to expend my energy here?” Asking ourselves this question or a similar question places us in conscious choice. Choosing = Personal Power and Personal Power = Energy

Be choosy about the activities we engage in and the people we spend time with. When we choose to hang out with people that match our energy and participate in activities that fuel our energy we avoid leakage.

Protect our energy during times when we have to be around people who drain it. A really good way to do that is to cross our arms below our chest and in front of our solar plexus. I learned this little jewel many years ago from Sonia Choquette. Our solar plexus is our power center and so protecting it protects our energy.

Save the drama for our mamas. When we avoid gossip, complaining, or any form of martyrdom (ours or someone else’s) we stop the leaks from happening.

Be aware of what we read or watch. Yep, you guessed it; negative news is a real energy leak!

Here’s to being wise energy investors! Until next time, I’m sending you all much love, light, and positive energy from my open heart to yours.

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