So often we ignore what our body is communicating.
This article it is a reflection of my own experiences the past month and the lessons I take away.I

trust it finds you all well and enjoy the reading.

This morning as I was writing in my journal, I asked myself 3 questions I had no answers to.
I began to write the 3 questions down and the answers came to me effortlessly.

It was time to stop ignoring the signs my body was giving me.
As I wrote my answers I noticed the deep spiritual connection with my heart.
As I meditated tears rolled down my cheek.
It was time for me to stop ignoring the signs my body was giving me.

Painful experiences are where our greatest lessons are.
A recent back injury was a wake-up call that I chose to no longer ignore.
The back pain so severe that I had no choice but to rest.

It has taught me to sit still, and when I move, I move with grace, being aware of each movement my body makes.

Slowly learn to let go
Life’s experiences leave many marks.
Slowly we learn to choose the ones that help us grow and slowly let go of the ones that remind us of who we do not want to be or how we do not want to feel.

Not wanting to waste a minute
Me, being my natural self, full of energy, I did not want to waste a minute of what the day had to offer.
A brisk walk, spring cleaning the house is cathartic and the gardening I find grounding.

Movement for me is freeing and liberating.
What I learned is that we can still experience all the beautiful things that we enjoy doing and give us pleasure.

I ignored my body’s whispers
I wanted to embrace it all and experience more. By doing so I ignored my body’s whispers.

What I have learnt
What I have learnt is how much more enjoyable the experiences will be if we slow down and be more mindful of our movements and not rushing to complete one thing to begin another.
To listen to my body’s whispers.

How blessed we are if we just sit still enough to allow ourselves to just be.

Please feel free to reach out if you have any questions or would like to share anything.
As always, feel free to share the article.

Warmest Regards,