Overwhelmed? Fatigued? Frozen? Don’t worry it might be as simple as you lost your way. What is great about being lost, is that we learn what not to do, but more than that, we learn what we need to do to push forward.

Many of us look at the wandering period as a period of stagnation where we find ourselves frozen in the moment. May of us can’t move, won’t move or do not know how to move. Is this you? Well you are not alone. Change in this life is inevitable. No matter how wrapped up we think our plan is, life can throw us a curveball. This is where we get lost.

If you are frozen in place, here are some sure fire ways to start defrosting and move in a forward trajectory:

  1. Recognize that this is temporary. It is but a moment on the journey. Once you confirm in your mind that you are in a temporary place of change, you can accept it and start strategizing your next steps.
  2. Set a goal. Not just a thought, or a wish, or a dream, but a concrete goal that moves you forward. When I was widowed with triplets, I could have easily remained frozen by the experience. Instead, I started with something as small as, getting the kids to school. If you have been outsourced or right sized at your work, breathe and recognize this time as an opportunity to truly seek out what you have been dreaming you want to do and start planning. Whatever you are experiencing, it is how you approach it that makes all the difference. Yes, there are times to mourn or to cry, but we should not stay there. People are put in our lives to help build us up and catch us when we fall, others to help us move forward, and yet, others that may not have our best interests at heart (we want to remove those people from our lives). Remember you are called to live life abundantly. That means to live life in the fullness of your gifts and purpose.
  3. Embrace it. Change happens. Change is often viewed as scary. I believe that it is coined this way because it causes us, as humans, to take ownership of our situations, even when we do not control all the decisions. Why do some people rise after a bad experience, and others freeze? It is all about embracing the journey and all the change that comes along with it. It is living a life with total volition. Acceptance and the desire to grow are correlated. We cannot grow if we do not accept our failures and take ownership for all of it; the good, the bad, the mediocre. Accept it, embrace it, and drive forward toward your next experience.

I coined the term volitionary as a derivative of volition because I believe that we all have the capacity and opportunity to live a life of abundance. This is not just pertaining to monetary abundance, but an abundant life filled with fulfillment. A volitionary is thrown just as many curveballs in life as the next, but the response is not one of standing frozen on the field, but taking a moment to reconnect to self, and getting started again on a new and fresh journey. That is exciting! In every situation there is a teaching moment. Embrace the moment, grow, accept, and head towards your goals every day. Stay focused on living your life with volition and then, help others to do the same. Join my tribe.


  • Laureen

    Laureen Kautt - Live Your Life With Volition - BCC, NLP-CP

    Volitionary Movement

    Laureen is the Principal Coach and founder of The Volitionary Movement. Her practice grew out of her passion for helping people embrace life's changes. Her process and road map assists thousands in understanding their core purpose and how to translate that to a successful life. Laureen's consultative and strategic approach to individual and group coaching is embraced around the globe. She is solicited by recruiters and talent leaders for coaching and guidance. Laureen is sought after by universities such as the University of Colorado, Denver graduate program in international business, to speak on topics such as talent acquisition, interviewing skills, and the war for talent. Laureen’s philanthropic endeavors include faith-based education for children and adults. She is affiliated with organizations that care for orphans in São Tomé and Príncipe in Africa. Laureen also volunteers her time to assist veterans re-entering the civilian workforce.