Sometimes a person has to decide who they are and who they want to be and how big is the difference. Once you figure out the difference then you can make a plan of action and go towards the next level. Even when you’re living in your purpose, there’s always room for growth. When you decide that you are ready to grow in your purpose, each level will be different. As you embark on each level you will move to a higher level of awareness as well. This will help you stretch outside of your comfort zone and expand your perception of your greater. Sometimes you can be scared of the unknown and that keep you for going for your greater but if you change the perception then you will start seeing your greater as limitless.

These are the four steps to connecting with your greatness:

  1. Realizing that You are Great – Everyone has great qualities in them. Many times in life there may have been a situation where you feel like you weren’t great. These are the moments that we tend to reflect on the most. We cannot let other people and situations dictate how we feel about ourselves. We need to know that we are great and we are enough just as we are now. Take back the power over your life and start seeing the greatness in you. Write a list list of things that make you great and start and hand scene these items in your life. From this list you will find out things that you never knew about yourself and you may even walk right into your purpose if you haven’t already.

  2. Decide How to Share your Greatness with the World – Now that you explored the list that you made and step one, decide how you’re going to use these things that make you great. remember that there are people waiting on your gifts and your talents so decide how you’re going to share your gifts with the world. will you design something will you write something will you build something, but whatever it is make sure that impacts others lives. it is not all about you, it is about The other people’s lives that will change because of your greatness and how you share it.

  3. Decide How to Spread the Word about your Greatness – What you have decided what you’re going to share with the world now you have to figure out how you going to spread the word out to the world. It is an old myth if you build it they will come, but they won’t come if they don’t know that it exists. You have to share the knowledge with people whether it be Word of Mouth, Internet, or Social Media. It It may seem hard end the beginning but you have to persevere. Remember that is not about you but the lies that you’re going to touch. Don’t be afraid to share with others about your greatness and how it’s going to impact the world. They may know someone or they may be the one that needs what you are offering right now. Stand strong, Stand bold and Stand proud in your greatness and others will stand with you.

  4. Learn How to Appreciate the Greatness as it Grows – Now don’t be afraid to tell others about your greatness but at the same time learn how to nurture it. Take the time to learn your greatness and let it evolve naturally and not before it is ready. Remember that your greatness is your best asset, so treat it as such. Don’t misuse your gifts or push them past their limits because they are part of your purpose. Your purpose will evolve in time and so will your greatness. Remember that this may not be an easy road but it will be the most important Road you ever travel in life, so learn and develop from it.

At the end of the day each of us need to develop our greatness. We do not need to fear our greatness, we need to embrace it in order to be the person we are supposed to be. Don’t let anyone take the shine from your greatness, know who you are and that you are enough. Your path may be different than other people, but it does not diminish the importance of it. Walk on the path that you were given and don’t try to walk on someone else’s path because your path leads to your purpose and their path leads to theirs. Remember that it is your time the shine like the diamond you are right now.