Most solopreneurs miss the importance of momentum in their business.  At the beginning of any business launch, it’s super important to get and keep that momentum.  It will of course vary industry to industry, but in my opinion if you’re starting a new venture or trying to move your current venture to the next level (scaling), the “beginning” can mean anywhere between 12-36 months.  I know in real estate we tell people to commit to 36 months but the momentum is usually gained and becomes steady after 12 strong months.

Think about it – what you do today is easier tomorrow because you did it today. So the consistent daily activities ( versus once in while sprints are most effective.

When I was younger, my father would take me up to the local airport where he co-owned a small private plane with a partner.  About 5-8 owners would gather on Saturdays and take a trip for breakfast.  Once in a while if no one showed up, my father would go up and practice instrument flying and stalling out.  Instrument flying would be when he literally put a blinder on (shield over his eyes) to simulate a fog out condition and fly just from instruments.  Stalling out would literally mean cutting the engine and feeling the plane start to fall, and then restarting.  It was rather nerve racking.   Well, this consistent momentum topic is similar to piloting a plane with a propeller that drives it.  If you don’t keep the propeller going, it’s just a matter of time before you crash. 

Helicopters can sit in one spot safely but planes cannot.  In your own business start up or scale up, it’s the daily, consistent lead generation that will keep your business safely moving forward and upward.  Then, over time, it can be insanely profitable once you’ve maintained that for a period of time.  Absent the consistency, you can continuously feel a pull back, and worse yet, a failure potentially.

While you’re driving leads and maintaining momentum, the next best thing you can do is add a coach or mentor to the process.  Again, similar to a plane that only needs to be off course one degree to end up in an entirely different City over time, your business and your direction can easily get off course and time wasted without an experience mentor or coach to guide you.  Success leaves clues so why try to reinvent the wheel.  I give everyone the same advice on this topic:

  1. Pick an industry and niche you want to venture into, then
  2. Pick a mentor or coach who you can related to and shares same values as you, and then
  3. Commit to 36 months of complete laser focus and doing what they say to do and you’ll have a super amazing profitable experience.

Those things done properly will allow you to design the lifestyle you deserve – happy flying!