Playing role does not only happen in theaters or movies, it plays an importance in our real life as well. Balancing work and home, balancing colleagues and family, balancing relatives and friends and what not. At every place, you have a different role to play. Be it at office, be it of a spouse or of a parent or of a friend and many more. Do you think you are playing your role well?

Running for office in the morning, managing morning meals and packing lunch meals, getting your children ready, getting yourself ready, helping your spouse be on time, reaching office, working at office, coming back, managing meals and house. With such examples of responsibilities the day would start with a lot of hustle and it is obvious to get irritated or frustrated with such daily routine.

But, do you realize your mood effects a lot on your work. If you remain irritated or frustrated your mind will get effected and your pace of work gets slow. You tend to make more mistakes. Everyone has loads of responsibilities. You can either run from them or you can finish them. Most of us have the choice not to run but to finish them somehow.

If you are able to complete your tasks with a happy mind, you will feel more satisfied. Take 5 minutes from your today and sit at a place, calm your mind and ask yourself: Are you playing your role well?

If you are struggling or are not able to balance your situation at all, here’s 5 things you can do:

  1. Concentrate on your present – Whatever you are working on, be it cooking, be it spending time with your children, be it doing your office work or any other thing, just concentrate on what are you doing at that moment. This helps you to prevent from distractions and fully enjoy and focus on the present work.
  2. Stay positive –  Of course, you might be dealing with lot of work pressure or a demanding family or both. But, the more positive attitude you have, the more positivity will come out in your output i.e. your work.
  3. Keep smiling – You might be in a situation where you are feeling very angry but you have guest to attend. Do you think your guests might be able to understand the reason of your anger or they would even want to understand your situation. Keep calm in front of others especially in front of people who do not know you or understand you well. This helps bringing out more maturity in your nature and calmness to your mind.
  4. Do not compare – Everyone has problems. No one in this world is deprived of problems even the richest man on the earth has them. The problems of each of us might be different but they will always be there. When you start comparing your problems or your life to others, the situation becomes even more miserable. Remember, its your life, you have to deal with it.
  5. Take one thing at a time –. In the event of multitasking, we often get more confused and frustrated. Deal with one thing at a time. Its your children homework, your office work, your tensions, your home problems, or anything else. You can sort them all. Just take it easy and focus on one problem at a time.

Just remember that no one else can come and play your role. God has suited you to the best role who he thinks can do it best. It is on you how do you play it: Better or Worse? Life is too short to keep regretting for what did not happen. No matter how unexpected the life is, you make it happen: what you want and how you want.