Personal Development and becoming Consciously Awake is an adventure.

Sometimes people will be right alongside you, keeping pace, understanding every word you say and cheering you on up the mountain.

Other times you’ll have a realization that seems to catapult you into a completely different world.

Those who are having similar breakthroughs will still be by your side, but others will start to drop away as you travel full steam ahead toward the new life you want, because they’re still anchored to the life you’re leaving behind.

Everybody travels at a different pace but it’s not your job to slow your roll and drag them up the hill. They’ll join you where you are when and if they’re ready to.

We’re very fortunate to live in a time where we have access to people all over the world, on every level we can conceive of and more. So don’t be scared of striving ahead.

Every step you take you’ll find people ready to be your traveling companions at the new level you’re at and others who have been there before.

The 3 most important things you need to take with you on your journey are:

Faith – not necessarily in any deity but faith in yourself that the path you’re traveling is your own and it’s the right path for you.

Trust – that everything is working in your greatest good. Even the situations and events that you might have perceived as being “bad” in the past, you’re now able to view as a diversion and learning that is leading to your ultimate happiness.

Compassion – for yourself and those around you. Be gentle and kind as you travel this road less seen. Treat yourself with unconditional love and forgive yourself quickly for your human mistakes.

Enjoy the journey!


  • Janet Mohapi-Banks

    Breakthrough Coach

    Janet Mohapi-Banks Coaching

    Janet Mohapi-Banks is an International Best Selling Author, Speaker and Breakthrough Coach for high-achieving entrepreneurs.  Mixing Mindset, Metaphysics and Energy Work, Janet helps her clients to break through their glass ceilings to reach their next level of success and fulfillment. This enables them to reach their fullest potential which generally manifests as more money, better relationships with themselves and others and a happier, more fulfilled life.

    Before becoming a coach Janet was an award-winning luxury cake designer at the top of her field but she overworked so badly that she almost died after developing a life-threatening digestive disorder. 

    After 5 years of being ill, and having prepared her will and arranged her affairs, Janet was thankfully fixed by a chiropractor so with this second chance of life it is her mission to help others awaken to the power they have to reach the levels of success they dream of without the stress, struggle and near-death experience.