What does it mean to become the source of your own encouragement? 

In my work with clients, even in conversations with family and friends, recently, and over the last several months, what I see as a theme is people wanting anything (and this has been true for me as well) outside of themselves to become their lifeline. 

Courage to me is about willingness to face, move through and conquer fear. The only one who can do that for me is me. And the only one who can do that for you is you. I see it every single day, almost every single hour, where I’m interacting with a gorgeous soul who will do anything, but become the source of their own encouragement. 

Connect to the Courage that is already in you: It’s much easier to believe and buy into fear, doubt and into unwillingness to face, move through or conquer fear, which is all to me, that courage is. 

When you recognize that in you, courage is already there and you just have yet to tap into it, you can hope again. And when you get willing to stop dancing around your only issue, which is that you won’t be the source of your own encouragement, you can begin to live more authentically. Think about it, what if the only issue we have ever had is that we wouldn’t be the source of our own encouragement. 

Become your own guide: This doesn’t mean become an ego maniac or arrogant. 

You have it in you to be your own guide, to be the center of your own life as the truth teller and seeking of the light for your life. It’s easy to think that other people are smarter, sexier, funnier, more qualified, more talented, and the list goes on. None of that’s true when it comes to you and your life. None of that’s true when it comes to knowing who you are, knowing what you want, knowing what you need, knowing what you don’t want, your answers, and your truth. The one that has the courage that’s required to get really honest with you, is you. 

Become your own lifeline: Being the source of your own encouragement does not suggest that you go at life alone. It does mean take the lead.

It is about time for you to become your own lifeline. I used to have almost an addiction to finding the next answer for my next step from anyone other than me. Then I learned what it meant to go inward to connect to the next right step for my soul’s path. From there I can be more present and available to support others. What if this possibility exists for you as well?

Today, let yourself plant the seed of your truth and encouragement within you and began nurturing it. How would life be different if the solutions were in you? If the answers were in you, if the light in you was the only guidance you needed, and then you could see the right support, the right path, the right people to collaborate with, but from a different energy and vibration, no longer an energy of “they’re the ones that I need to carry me through.” Instead an energy of “we’re in this together, shoulder to shoulder,” supporting each other as each one of us are our own lifelines becomes a new normal.

We are stronger together. 

The time is now for you to become a source of your own encouragement and your own lifeline. 

Make this day, this month, this time, the time where you take leadership of your own life.

And then one day the clouds and darkness will break, and you’ll feel different. It will be the next season.