Meditation and Prayer

We are living amongst multiple self-help generations. We also have books, podcasts, seminars, and even amazing Ted Talks, but yet we are often habitually stuck. Why? Because we are facing one or more of these dilemmas:

  • We really don’t know what we want
  • We struggle with setting reasonable expectations
  • We have a lack of self-worth
  • We don’t act with intention

When we get stuck it’s GOD’s way of tapping us saying “I have more for you, now spend time with me and go get it”. In reality, t’s hard to believe this when we are bombarded with negative mindsets, negative people, and negative experiences, all of which prevent us from hearing the voice of GOD. But, when we tune away from these outward negative experiences and emotions and tune inward to the silent inner voice of GOD we will get the clarity we need to get unstuck. For those of us who are self-helpers, it is very difficult not knowing the full journey or an outcome before we move forward. So, rather than dealing with the uncertainty we do nothing and get stuck. But getting unstuck requires we do the opposite of what we are doing.

What must you do to get back on track?

  • Define what you want
  • Set reasonable expectations
  • Have a positive self-worth
  • Act with intention

Spend just 10 minutes with GOD every day, ask for clarity, and you will get the wisdom you need to move forward. Why? Because we don’t have all the answers and we need help from a higher source of power other than ourselves and our self-helper friends. But yes, I know as a fellow self-helper it is impossible for us to do nothing, so here are actions you can take:

  • Spend time with yourself to get an understanding of your strengths, your interests, and your values. You can take self-assessment tests (one strength test I like is from they offer free and paid character strengths assessments), interview friends and family, and look at old journals and writings to remind you of who you were before you got stuck.
  • Be open about two things the who and the what. Who will help you and how long will it take? Everyone is not interested in helping you, deal with that reality, it only means there are others are waiting to be a part of your journey. Avoid setting unreasonable expectations, it may be quicker or longer, just trust the process.
  • Affirm yourself every day and surround yourself with others who will affirm your greatness. When you are stuck, avoid being overextended and not having time for yourself and spend time with people who will positively affirm you.
  • Be Present and Be Intentional. Every day set goals for your day, but in a way, that’s true to you. For example, are you making lists and then feel defeated when your items are not checked off? If yes, don’t make a list and just identify one or two things you will get done today. The point is to be intentional about your day, goals, and actions.

I had many experiences of being stuck, tried to solve it myself, and my self-help eventually left me stressed, anxious, and depressed. When I started spending just 10 minutes every day in mediation and prayer, I was able to listen to that inner voice of GOD and make intentional “next steps” in my life. I am still on a journey and so are you, we will be on this journey for the rest of our lives. But, when we get stuck, we can plug into a higher source of power and get moving once again.