Have you read a research report that powerful, gifted women are opting out of high-level jobs because the culture doesn’t align with their values? The crisis created by this trend is this: the very women who are gifted to elevate leadership in this world and in business are leaving because they’re worn out and they believe the culture will never change.

According to the World Economic Forum, it will take 208 years to achieve true gender equality in the United States. Are you willing to wait? Are you willing for your daughters and your granddaughters to wait for 208 years to live their lives by design?

As long as we continue to wear striving as a badge of courage, we won’t have the energy or the mental capacity to change this today.

When YOU are at your best, everyone in your life wins.

We need to slow down to go faster. And we need to reinvent normal in the workplace and in our lives by taking a time out. I have an idea.

High on this realization that there has never been a better time in history for women to step into their calling with power and confidence, I was reading in my wine magazine about the character qualities that separate jug wine from the really good stuff. After five years working and studying in leadership development, I easily recognized the qualities of a noble wine as the same qualities that make a great human:

  • Harmony in a wine means all the factors combine like musical notes to produce a pleasing effect. Harmony in my life means that I have the insight and intuition to see how all the different people in my world blend to make a great team…or family.
  • Symmetry is about similar parts facing each other or around an axis. When we’re talking about human character, this axis is the point of connection between all the facets of human design — spirit, soul and body. Harmony with others in my world requires symmetry in my life.
  • Complexity in a wine is what separates jug wine from premium wine because there are multiple factors that combine to create outstanding quality. The complexity in my team, in my friends, in my family is what makes life interesting. If we flee from any relationship  group because of complexity, we are depriving the world of something much greater than what we can accomplish alone.
  • Finesse in a wine is about delicacy — the flavors don’t hit you head on. They are subtle. The kind of leadership that makes lasting change involves a higher degree of emotional intelligence and regulation to deliver the truth with finesse.
  • Elegance in the dictionary is “the quality of being pleasingly ingenious and simple.” Think about the concept of the aroma or flavor that lingers after you taste a fine wine. Think about the flavor that lingers after people experience your influence. What do I want to leave behind? This doesn’t happen on accident.

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  • Donna Carlson

    Women's Leadership & Life Strategy Coach

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    Women comprise 56% of the workforce but so many of us don't ask for what we want. Why is that? After a 30 year career accepting second best, living like a race horse held behind the start gate, Donna Carlson changed her strategy from being a thermometer - reflecting the mores of the world around her - to being a thermostat. Now Donna coaches women to own their personal style and leadership power.