Pollution that’s a very common term that our ears are attuned to, even when we are kids you must have remembered we have so many chapters on pollution and its effects. We hear about different forms of pollution and read it about through books or media. But after reading or having knowledge about it, is there any change in our surroundings where we reside? Did you ever thought how much it is hazardous to not only the environment, but its impact also seen in a human being.

Irrespective of indoor or outdoor, air pollution refers to one such form that contaminate the air. Air pollution is nothing but the physical or chemical alteration of the air in the atmosphere. It generally occurs when harmful chemical, dust or smog enters the atmosphere which cause difficult for the living things to survive as the air become filthy.

Do you know nearly half of all Americans live in areas that don’t meet federal air quality standards? The vehicles and the heavy truck are the main cause of the pollution, as this includes ozone, particulate matter, and other smog –forming emissions. If you hear on any local news, that “it’s a code red day for ozone”, what does it mean? Are you at any risk? It is an air quality alerts that inform the public and advise them to take precaution before hand.

Effects of Air Pollution

Air Pollution.

As we all know the ozone layer is considered vital for the existence of the ecosystem on the planet that is depleting due to increased in pollution. The most famous example is the “Global Warming” the increased in imbalanced of gases that have further come to known as the biggest threat and challenge which the contemporary world must overcome. Some few effects of air pollution which you must be familiar with –

  • Acid Rains – This you all must have studied when you are kidding about the harmful gases that released in the atmosphere. When it rains the water droplets combine with the harmful gases and becomes acidic.

  • Effects the Wildlife – Animals also face upsetting effects of pollution. The toxic chemical that presents in the air can force wildlife species to move to a new place and change their habits.

Do you know while we are busy looking at the man-made contribution, there are also natural sources that contribute towards air pollution in our environment. The sources include dust carried out by the wind, the gases releases from the body processes, oxygen from plants, smoke from combustion of various objects, volcanic eruptions etc, and the list is unlimited.

Pollutionand Health Inequalities

Till now through this article we came to know that air pollution is an international problem that affects everyone. But do you know always the most socioeconomically disadvantaged suffer most from the health effects of pollution. Other groups are also disproportionately affected which includes older people, children, pregnant women, individual who are already suffering from medical condition and the people who resides in area that have highest pollution.

According to the American Heart Association, inhaled particulate matters are more hazardous as it causes inflammation of blood vessels and atherosclerosis i.e. hardened and clogged arteries which lead to heart attacks and strokes. For individuals who are suffering from asthma, air pollution triggers the asthma attack and makes them more severe.

Remember– The actual risk of adverse effects depends on your current health status, the type of pollutant and the concentration and of course the length of your exposure to the polluted air.

There are lots of solutions to decrease the risk of air pollution on human health such as –

  • Conserve Energy – As you know a large amount of fossil fuels is burnt to produce electricity. Switch off the fan and light when you are out, in a away indirectly you are reducing the amount of fossil fuel to be burned.

  • Give more importance on clean energy resources – There are many clean air technology that are available such as solar, wind and geothermal. The plus point is that the government of many countries are providing acceptance to consumer to install solar panels.

In this modern generation and fast forward technology, there are innovation of best humidifier practices,  which helps to you and your family breathe fresh air inside your household. The humidifier machine should be activated in every household and most importantly individuals who reside in highly polluted areas.

  • Use the energy efficient devices – The energy efficient such as CFL lights lives longer, consume less electricity, lower electricity bill and therefore help to reduce pollution.

Moreover the clean vehicle and fuel technologies of modern generation provide us with an affordable, available means of transportation and climate change emissions. An Innovation has also led to the invention of electric car and truck that runs on battery where there is no question of pollution.