‘How Do I Know That I’m In Love’ is a question asked out of desperation and a need for clarity. The people who ask the question are often frustrated with themselves and their relationships. So in the name of positivity and hope for your future, let’s begin.

For those of you who don’t know who I am or what I do, I help people understand and correspond with others, using verbal and non-verbal forms of communication to create an impression of reliability, confidence, and leadership. to create an impression of reliability, confidence, and leadership. In other words, I am The People Consultant –know what to say and how to say it, and be there for the people who believe in you!  

Confession time, I’m a poet and a storyteller at heart. And romance is my favorite genre to write about – for the complexion emotions involved, interesting character interactions, and the subsequent growth and development of those characters.

However, given the nature of my work as a People Consultant, there’s a part of me that has to remain cynical when it comes to people, relationships, and commitment.

So for the record, forget every movie, every T.V show, every play, and every story you have read and associate love and relationships with:

  • It is a fantasy, including the concept of ‘THE ONE’! 
  • Love is never enough to make a marriage/relationship last.
  • Attraction is natural! NOT MANUFACTURED or CREATED by the things you ‘say’.
  • If you chase the girl/guy HARD enough, he/she is NOT going to fall madly in ‘Love’ with you
  • Your partner WILL let you down because he/she is human (just like you – and VICE VERSA)
  • Your partner cannot be the REASON behind your happiness, and NEITHER can you!
  • Your purpose in life or your relationships is NOT to make your partner happy!
  • Everyone has fears, everyone has insecurities, and from time to time we will act on them.
  • Your partner will get bored with you, after a certain period of time.
  • It takes two to tango, but at least one has to be ready to start the dance.
  • Sometimes you’re going to hate each other.

The Misconception Of Love

Remember that special moment with that special someone, when you felt excited and emotionally invested because you showed interest and your interest was reciprocated, making you feel accepted! 

Congrats! However, what you’re feeling is EUPHORIA, not love!

The victory and HIGH of getting what you wanted, after putting in the effort for it.

It’s moments and situations like these that are mistaken for love, which we then use to make decisions on them. We draw conclusions, project expectations, and form delusions about your partner, and your relationship.

When everything is going good, things like these do not affect your or your partner.

However, when the two of you face a hurdle, or when a challenge, suddenly everything feels like it’s been multiplied 2 times more than what the actual situation calls for! All of which eventually or gradually leads to frustration, guilt, anger, and a very ugly, very painful BREAKUP! 

So, the next time you THINK you’re in love – ask yourself these 7 questions and If the answer to all is ‘YES’ then go ahead take a deep breath and smile, cause you are in LOVE!

7 Questions To Answer to Know That You’re In Love

  • Do you feel responsible for him/her?
  • Do you think about the future (a life) with him/her
  • Do you feel free to be yourself with him/her
  • Do you feel understood
  • Do you like listening to him/her
  • Do you think about him/her when you have to make decisions about your life or your future?
  • Do you feel HAPPY, when you think about him/her?

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