Are you waiting for this to end?! For this to be over so you can go back to normal life?

This is what I’m hearing and reading a lot. Many people want to be out of lockdown and to carry on with how life was. Of course, we don’t want to be in lockdown forever, but equally, do you want life to go back to EXACTLY how it was before?

Do you want to go back to doing all the things you use to do, because you felt you should do them?

Spend all your money on things because you think you need them to be happy?

Interact with the people who actually suck your soul but felt you had to put up with?

Do you really want to go back to life being exactly the same?

In my Sunday Self-Reflection session this week (I’ve been running them for free online, you can join next weeks here), I prompted everyone to explore one to two areas of their life and check-in on how they are feeling about it. How has it changed since the lockdown? More negatives? More positives?

  • How are your friendships feeling right now? Which ones still align, which ones don’t?
  • How do you feel about your work? Do you love it? Do you actually hate it?
  • How are your finances looking? Where have you been throwing your money away
  • How is your relationship flowing? Does it need more attention, love and care?

I also asked them – what are the things you love that you actually want to stay the same?

Sure, you can go back to doing the same things day in and day out – but are you truly happy? Are you fulfilled? Are you whole?

There may be things you absolutely adore and you want to keep. There may also be things, people, activities, etc that you really want to get rid of, say goodbye to, and stop but you’ve never realised until now.

Yes, you can wish the time away, which is what we’re mostly addicted to doing, right? I can’t wait till the weekend, I can’t wait until this busy period is over, I can’t wait for this lockdown to be done, I can’t wait until the next holiday, etc. We’re always waiting for the next moment, for the future – mostly because we are unhappy or unsatisfied with how things are now, the good and the silver linings that surround us everywhere.

So, right now, instead of wish for this all to be over, why not take this gift of time and space and instead check-in on how your life is feeling? And start making adjustments so you can be happier, more fulfilled and living on purpose.

The time is now to turn in, reflect on how things are and make choices on how things could be for you.

There is so much uncertainty and unknown right now, but the one thing we have absolute control over is what we think about, how we feel and what we choose to do.

What thoughts, feelings, and actions will serve you now? Into this next phase? Into your future?

“How you spend your days, is how you spend your life.”

Peta Kelly

If you’d like support through this time, I have a number of offerings available right now that may serve you.

Free online Sunday Self-Reflections for the next 3 Sundays during lockdown. If you’d like to join, please register here. 3:30pm NZST.

The first online Mindful Monday (6 April) was a HUGE success, all attendees asked for another to be held in a fortnight. If you’d love to join, you can register here. If you are in a financially tight situation, please message me for a code to attend for free

I also offer 1:1 coaching to help ambitious professionals and new leaders thrive in their career and life. If you’re looking for 1:1 support and coaching during this time, please reach out and let’s talk about how we may be able to work together.