Set up your goals for 2020

Are you setting up your goals to win? Or is it even possible?

You see when we set up ambitious goals and then do no achieve them it feels awful. Next year we start aiming smaller. In a few years, our ambitions shrinking and we no longer care about achieving these goals.

For many years, I’ve been setting goals for life and business. I’ve been pathing through some difficulties and often skipped the revision in December. You see, I felt ashamed and embarrassed. I felt like I worked so hard to achieve my goals but circumstances flush out any possibility of success. To be honest, I was rather harsh to myself.

When we talk about life goal we can forgive ourselves. You know, a few extra kilos remained, you didn’t quit smoking, or didn’t read that 20 books you’ve planned to read this year. These don’t feel like a failure. Yet, when it comes to business goals, it’s a big deal.

When you fail your business goals, then you might find yourself frightened. Do thoughts about unpaid bills, family support, other BIG things paralysing you? And thus I want to share with you the system that I’ve learned and that helped me to win, well, every time I set a goal!

These 3 ideas will help you to stay sane, even happy in December when you are reviewing your achievements!

  1. Key Idea is to set THREE goals, not ONE (million-dollar idea). Set your goals as “Minimum”, “Medium”, “Maximum”! You “Minimum” goal will be to achieve what is necessary to pay your bills, stay healthy, feel better. Your “Maximum” goal has to sound like a dream come true. And your “Medium” goal will be set somewhere between. This way you will always achieve one goal so the next year you may dare for more!
  2. Visualise as if it’s done for a few moments. Refocus rapidly! Back to your daily routine, so that your mind never have a chance to oppose your visualisations. Feel your dreams not just watch them.
  3. Document your progress! Aim wisely! Use a notebook to write down your progress. Adjust your goals on the go. Unflexible goals might be a big source of disappointment. Make your goals flexible!

Did you set up your goals for 2020?