I have been drinking a homemade matcha latte using coconut milk and blue agave for several months. I follow this amazing recipe to make it but the one thing I didn’t have that the recipe called for was a bamboo whisk. 

So… I just made it with a metal whisk. With the wrong equipment, I wasn’t really able to get the chunks out so at the end of every cup I would end up chewing on matcha powder chunks. At first, this was a bit alarming but then I got used to it and settled for the fact that I had a hot morning drink that needed chewing

The other day I had a friend over and I offered her a matcha latte. I warned her when I gave her the mug not to drink the last sip because there would be chunks in the bottom. We were having a great conversation and she took the final swig without thinking. I have never laughed so hard at seeing the look on someone’s face (thanks for the laugh Karen)!!

It was only after she commented: “Kirsten, you’re good at many things… but making tea is not one of them” that I thought that I should probably go buy a bamboo whisk.

The Splurge…

So… I bought one…I splurged on myself and bought a $12 bamboo whisk. And guess what? There are no chunks in my matcha latte and it’s much nicer to drink.

Before my friend pointed out how weird it was to have chunks in my matcha latte, I was settling, I was saving money, I was being responsible, and I was settling.

Are you settling? It might just be time to stop settling and to think about what little things you can do to improve the quality of your life. Now I’m not talking about going out and breaking the bank to spend things on yourself: don’t go out and blow your savings on a shopping spree! But as women we tend to prioritize the needs of others before taking care of ourselves; taking care of our needs first is actually the best way to take care of the other people we love in our lives.

Don’t Settle and Put Your Needs Last…Do Something for Yourself Today

Is there something you can add to your day or week to show yourself how much you care about you? Here are some ideas:

  • go for a run and listen to your favourite music or podcast
  • take a hot bath
  • carve out time out of your day to meditate
  • deliberately incorporate gratitude into your life
  • make time to visit with a long-time friend
  • do something creative

The best gift you can give to yourself and your loved ones is to take care of yourself. Make a plan to do something for you – you deserve it!

Post a comment below and let me know what will be the one thing that you will add to your day or week that will just focus on you!

Originally published at www.possibilify.com