Today’s talk will be about long term hatred or in-built jealously? No, not at all, but the thing going to be discussed is somewhat and some how an inclusion of both, being negative, hatred which in turn promote jealousy, and sometimes could give rise to an urge to prove oneself best and a kind of an unaffected person from other person’s success, praise or happiness. Our country has achieved freedom since long, Alas, but thinking and mindsets of people are not more alike in this era, including some of the toxic people, who likes to keep them up most of the time, who likes to target others or at expense of another meet their dreams or complete their tasks.

In today’s time, looking at the changing environment and certain circumstances. People need to maintain and enhance their creativity, flexibility in order to turn up to the words of patience and perseverance. As these are the two words or I can say it to be ‘mantra’ of success to people. And to achieve benefit from these two words, we have to apply these into our day-to-day daily practices, to our personal as well as professional behaviours.

As we all are well acquainted with the fact that whether it is the talk of emotions or to formulate an effective business strategy for customers. An essential need and demand of the hour are ‘TO REMAIN POSITIVE IN EVERY SITUATION’. To retain ourselves in the most adverse circumstances, we need to keep our mindset positive. And those people, who by their choice, tend to remain negative and unaffected are mostly considered to be toxic or self-centered people.

These are the people who successfully are capable to keep themselves happy from outside. But ofcourse are attacked internally through a nerve of inflammation by seeing their friends or dear one’s happiness and success.

Toxic people become as equal as narcissistic ones. It is not only relevant as to we could say diversity in their culture or behaviour, but actually it takes place according to their diversity in thinking and thoughts which go round to round in their negatively shaped hemisphere of their brains. Though in this world, at one moment or the another, we people are gathered by societal interactions. As we all know, having a variety of friends, we also have to face a fair mix of personalities, spending time with them, gives us a good feeling. But along with that, we bitterly do have the eager buds to know out of them who is the most reliable, self-worthy, who is the very positive person, and importantly, the person being a friend doesn’t participate in your happy moments or don’t want to care either or want to make you feel bad that too you need to know them. So let’s see how we can recognize the dual personality and their negative approach towards us and further try not to be persuaded by their strong influence :

1. The random appearance of dual behaviours along with dual personalities:

As in girls and womens, we have our mood swings and it’s totally not because we want to be like that. But actual toxic people pretend up to keep it up in a generous way their mood shifts(sometimes happy, sometimes sad) just to attract you and your attention towards them.

Solution: Don’t waste your time in just pleasing them and asking them and trying to set up their moods and literally they lack reason. So it’s better to keep up with your own work.

2. They carry their habit, not to accept their mistakes as there’s not their mistake :

Toxic people or self-seeking people, even if they are wrong would never accept their mistake, instead they would try to get on you, and would try to divert their all the blame upto you, only to cover up their mistakes.

Solution: It’s completely useless to argue with them, instead of doing that, it’s better to back off and retaliating your piece of mind.

3. Everytime you have to prove your worthiness to them :

Toxic people just for the sake of draining out your mind, would try to manipulate or persuade you to prove yourself that you are wholly and solely their true well wishers. They would challenge you to prove yourself fair enough.

Solution: Their wants and demands will never even been satisfied by your one act. But in future, they would often ask you and make you as their puppet. It’s better to keep up with your self-respect.

4. They could really make you think, that are you really worth and in place solving your problem, will turn the problem into a mountain :

These people, feels jealous and this even plants a seed into their head, when they would see, you happy or whether you are going to discuss your problem with them. They could make you realize that are you truly self-worth?

Solution: Discussing problems which need a hardcore solution, its better not to seek out help from such people. Instead of solving problems, they could create another.

Without a doubt, there are enumerous and personalities found in people. Through your vibrant sense intuition, be aware of toxic people which would come through your life. 


  • Shaima Khan

    Founder Of Artizone Information, who has interest in content creation and managing web analytics

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