Ask me anything

When it comes to talking careers, juggling work and life (because balance is not a real thing), risk-taking, and generally the experience of being a woman in the world, I’ve noticed that people tend to censor themselves. And I find that frustrating.

So starting today, I’ll be contributing to this community regularly to chat, pose questions, dole out advice when I can, and share just about anything you might want my take on. As a millennial woman, entrepreneur, designer, wife, mother, and — #humblebrag — killer cook, I’ve got things to share. And I’ve decided to share my truths in my voice, which, full disclosure, can get slightly too unfiltered (sorry not sorry). That said, I’m hoping you’ll find my perspective refreshing and at the very least entertaining.

So send me questions about whatever’s on your mind by clicking “write a response“ below or using #askRManything on social media, and I’ll do my best to give you some honest insight and support. Let’s figure out what “success” means together, inspire each other and have some fun while we’re at it.

Talk soon. Xo,


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