What are you running from and what’s your vice to defend against what you perceive to be a threat? In a previous post, I discuss how powerful we are…however, the power is only apparent to those who acknowledge it. Those who stop to reflect and turn inward for the solutions they need.

Rumi, a Persian poet and Islamic scholar, said that we are “…born with wings, why prefer to crawl through life?” We have become so focused on all of the external fixes and vices for our issues that we have neglected our own development and denied our internal resources. What if we decided to look at each issue, each crisis as an opportunity rather than bad luck? What if we decided to reflect on the moment to determine what internal resource can be used to alleviate if not eradicate the problem? I’m not suggesting that I am or you need to be a Zen master or a trained Stoic philosopher to do this…I am suggesting that there are always moments in our daily life that can provide us with an opportunity to practice. If you are quick to anger then further develop your patience…also, have you determined your triggers (what makes me angry?). If you are winded when climbing the steps to your home, then climb the steps more often or find an exercise that can improve your cardiovascular health. Please don’t misunderstand the simplicity of my words…none of this is easy but it is absolutely necessary and we grow anxious and uncomfortable by overcomplicating even the smallest of issues/problems. Let’s decrease the drama in our lives by no longer seeing these huge, insurmountable issues but instead an opportunity to use the strength that is available to us and/or develop that part of us that is in need of growth…


  • Khalif Ali

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