Everyone is busy.

Too busy.

We live in a culture that associates busyness with success.⁠

I have often heard the saying, “I get more done when I am busy.”

Is that really true?

Here is what I have heard.

You are too busy to make time for yourself.⁠

You are too busy to find a solution to your problems.⁠

You are too busy to eat well.⁠

You are too busy to workout.⁠

You are too busy to drink water.⁠

You are too busy to go to the toilet. (Yes, I see you, doing the wee dance like a 5 year old at your desk).⁠

I call BS.⁠

Time is a mental construct.⁠

“Busy” is an opinion.⁠

Let that sink in. Every time you are saying you are too busy you are DECIDING you are too busy. Yes, even when it feels really true you are ALWAYS deciding how you spend your time.

Even if someone is holding a gun to you, you are deciding you don’t want to get shot. Yes, I am THAT serious about it.

What would you like to do that you are telling yourself you don’t have time for?⁠

What if I told you I know how to create more time.⁠

The first step requires you to give time. It requires you to give ONE HOUR.⁠
Sign up for a FREE coaching consult call with me.⁠

Let me save you hours.⁠

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  • Vikki Louise @vikkilouise___

    Anxiety & Procrastination Coach

    Vikki Louise Coaching

    Vikki graduated from London School of Economics and worked for finance and tech companies across London and NYC, before turning her personal development hobby into a successful career. Her style of coaching is tough and successful, it is a no BS approach. It is a blend of neuroscience, evolutionary biology, life coaching tools and tough love that teach people to understand their brain, teach tools on how to rewire their thinking to get results - and empower people to actually use the tools and get it done! Vikki hosts the F*CK Anxiety & Get Sh*t Done podcast available on iTunes.