When You just can’t say yes to one more thing!

Do you ever feel that the week has gotten away from you? Do you ever ask for more than 24 hours in a day so you can get caught up? Well let me tell you that 168 hours a week is what you have to work with. Don’t be upset with yourself if this was news to you. Most people never get past the idea of there being twenty-four hours in a day, let alone think about an entire week’s worth of hours. Its not going to get any longer no matter how much you want it to so lets take a look at how to best deal with what we have.

If you take look at your week and what you truly are spending your time on, you’ll get a birds-eye picture of where your time really is. You don’t really need more time, you need better spent time. Let me show you how to form a map of what you do and when, then we will re-frame the time to include your core values. You may just find that instead of needing more time, you have more time than you need.

Have you ever said… I never have enough time for me, or I’m too busy handling responsibilities to fit my own life’s needs into the week. Things like working out, taking a day trip with your family, going to your kids baseball game, or date night with your partner are just out of the question in your world? I am here to tell you that is just not true.

I’ll let you in on a little secret. The people who do know there are 168 hours in the week — and who honor that knowledge — are the people who know how to make the most of their time and their lives. It’s how they’re able to do the things they do, and why other people can’t. They’ve learned how to manage their time effectively. These people also are masters at knowing themselves. People like Oprah,

I want you to draw out 7 days on a piece of paper. First fill in the time you spend on the basics like sleeping, work hours, and travel time.

Many people are just so overwhelmed or unhappy that they spend many of their hours in front of the TV or on social media as an escape. Those are hours you can use to fit in your want-to dos, those things you yearn to have time for.


Originally published at medium.com