You want a better body
You want to work for yourself or transition into your dream career
You want more energy and better health
You want to be happier and more positive for yourself and the people you love…

But are you being consistent in the things that matter most?

(This is Coach Dan coming out now, btw.)

You must be consistent!

You can’t make any more excuses for the important things in your life! Because if you spend your energy on feeling sorry for yourself and fabricating excuses, that’s time and energy that can’t possibly go towards your self-improvement initiatives.

You’re either improving and advancing, being consistent, or you’re making excuses. There’s no middle ground.

I’ve had so many working professionals, moms, dads and business owners who’ve come to me with zero confidence and zero happiness—this despite their outward signs of success. It’s really sad to see these hardworking people feel so low, but it’s also incredible to see how fast these people change their tune by regaining consistency in the things that matter most—inspired morning routines, exercise, self encouragement, learning, working etc.

As a coach, I love having the opportunity to work with new clients and to help them change their stories. But as a writer, I want to put myself out of business by giving you the tools and inspiration you need to make the most important changes on your own—by helping you become consistent!

And I’m telling you, if I, the highschool dropout/college dropout can do it, there’s absolutely no reason why you can’t.

So what are the things you want to do every day?

For most people, this includes some amount of exercise, a few basic self-improvement activities (like meditation and journaling), learning, and practicing the skills that will either help them transition into their dream careers or into working for themselves.

This isn’t a lot; each item you choose is eminently doable. But most people won’t commit to them because they aren’t uncompromisingly consistent. And that’s what I want you to be, starting today:

Uncompromisingly consistent.

Forget about feeling bad for yourself because you aren’t where you want. (Who is?!) Forget about wanting to have achieved your dreams already. (The best things in life take time!!) Forget about the past. Because today, tomorrow, and the rest of this week is your golden opportunity to become uncompromisingly consistent.

You don’t have to do a lot. And actually, it’s best to start with very realistic and easy-seeming goals—like walking just a mile or two per day, or working on your sidehustle for twenty minutes. That way you guarantee yourself that you can in fact do the several little things that are most important to you. And even though the goals aren’t huge, once you’ve stuck with them for one week straight you’ll begin to identify as uncompromisingly consistent, which boosts your confidence and belief. From there you will go on to increase your efforts as is appropriate—on a weekly basis, on a monthly basis.

If you started off exercising for twenty minutes a day, you might bump it up to a full half hour after the first month. Or maybe you’re a writer and typing for thirty minutes isn’t challenging anymore; You might bump up that daily effort to a full-fledged article. But like I said, the size of the effort does not count. The only thing that matters is that you stay uncompromisingly consistent in the things that matter most to you. It’s the daily effort that reminds yourself that you actually care and that your success is inevitable, which gives you confidence and self-esteem that helps you push past the rough patches when everyone else quits.

When you get to the point where you take more pride and satisfaction in the consistency of your efforts than actually experiencing the achievement you have in mind, that’s when your impossible-seeming goals will become effortless realities. You’re so consistent and so confident in your consistence that you fully internalize what most people only know as a new-age bumper sticker slogan…

That the journey is the destination.


So, to all my friends and readers here at Millennial Success, make today the day you become uncompromisingly consistent. Write out the things that matter most. Create small and realistic daily goals for those things. Eliminate the distractions (social media, texts, etc.) that compete for your time and focus. And check in with yourself at the end of every day by asking yourself this one question:

Was I uncompromisingly consistent?

If you answer that question affirmatively all this next week, you’ll feel like twice the person you were. If you answer ‘yes’ every day for a month, you’ll feel superhuman. And if you keep it up for a year, even if your daily efforts are very small, your life will be unrecognizable: your career, the money you make, your happiness, your relationships.

So. Be. Consistent.

And if you absolutely know you need an inspired and experienced coach to get you there, I’m here for you.

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  • Daniel Dowling

    Performance Coach, Writer for Greatist,, Mindbodygreen, and FastCompany.

    Dan Dowling, here. I was the poster child for lost millennials - couldn’t keep a job…addicted to relationships…constantly checking social media and email. But when I got hungry enough for success as a writer, I gave up my distracted lifestyle and adopted one daily goal that changed my life forever: Do. Your. Best. Today, five years later, I’m a productivity coach who’s published on the world’s biggest sites (including Entrepreneur, Fast Company and Mindbodygreen), and I’m transforming lives through the best-effort, zero-distraction lifestyle that worked so well for me. Come and and learn how to always give your best at Millennial Success!