I’m saying this with love…

But, the entrepreneurial title you are using, such as Success Coach, or Life Mentor, could be self sabotaging your ability to up-level. I see people everywhere using powerful titles such as SUCCESS MENTOR or THE EXPERT OF _____________, when let’s face it, they clearly are not. It’s the same idea of someone calling themselves the MILLION DOLLAR REALTOR (yet they have never sold a house over $400,000), or the MILLION DOLLAR COACH (yet they’ve never made a million dollars). If someone is a EXPERT OF SOCIAL MEDIA, yet their social media following isn’t that big, it doesn’t add up. Was it something they were hoping to achieve along the way to success in that specific career?

I personally have mixed feelings about these kinds of titles, especially ones with the word “success” in them.

A part of me feels like there really is no right or wrong as long as that person feels good about themselves, but another part of me thinks that if people want to see success right away, they have to totally be TRUE TO THEMSELVES and not hide behind a title that suggests something that isn’t real. This more so for their own good, so self-sabotage doesn’t set in. “Success” is obviously a subjective word that is different for everyone, however I think that in the business world if you have next to no clients, are not bringing in much income and feeling not your best self, it might not be the best choice for you. The term “success” by itself is usually connected to self-made success or financial gain, unless you are focusing it on a specific niche such as health success, parenting success, author success, etc.

Do you feel what I’m saying?

There are people out there using the term SUCCESS COACH and totally living it, owning it, teaching it… which is key. I feel like your title should be earned by your life experiences and the wisdom you’ve gained. Your title is important. It’s you. It’s who you are and how you feel!. It’s essentially the front page of your book!

I understand that people can “fake it til they make it”, or “dress for the job they want”, but the issue is that internally and energetically this can hold someone back. They can develop beliefs of “being a fraud”, “not living up to their name”, or simply not feeling in alignment with who they are putting out there. People wonder why they put themselves out there online using a title that suggests massive results (right out of the gate) and yet they are not feeling those results they are looking for themselves. It’s because they don’t feel in alignment with who they are being online! Then there is the other person that can take on a title that they have yet to achieve and it works for them. The reason it can work is because that person believed it themselves. Belief is the most important piece.

Consumers/ potential clients can sense bull shit, if not consciously, subconsciously! They are not fooled. The specific wording that is used for everything has to feel great and align with what you are here to do. There cannot be any hesitation what-so-ever. It has to fit perfectly. People need to feel confidence in telling people what they do and own it, at least for themselves. For some the term COACH is too cold and black and white for the type of work they are doing, or the word CONSULTANT doesn’t encompass the style of work they do. Words are everything!

I know why people do it. I tried out the “success” word in a title years ago when I called myself a Creative Success Coach. I was coming from the angle that my passion focused on helping women make success through their creativity and innovation. I liked the idea, but I quickly abandoned that title because it just did not feel right. It didn’t feel clear to be sometimes. I personally have played around with a few titles and many DID NOT FEEL RIGHT for me. But when I finally stopped worrying about what others wanted to hear and instead chose something that felt really good to me and the work that I was doing, that’s when the SUCCESS happened.

So to wrap this up, your title has to be in alignment with who you really are. You have to believe in it fully. It has to be a representation of who you are, what your skills are, the transformation that you help people receive and so much more. Or else, you’ll find a lot of resistance.

Please take a moment and tell me in the comments…

What is your take on the titles you see people using? Does it matter to you as a consumer/ potential client?

If you have a business, do you personally go with what feels in alignment to you right now and the work that you are doing?