In a world where it’s possible to be and do anything, how often do you let negative thoughts about you or your body stop you? 

How often do you use your body image as a weapon against you?

Recent research, has found that over half of all women worldwide report having a poor body image and low self esteem. It revealed that due to dissatisfaction with their bodies, the majority of women are choosing to be less assertive in their life, they’re avoiding social interactions, and overall feel depressed because of the way they look.  

Now, you can blame media or Hollywood for imposing these ideals on the world, or you can look at how you can change it right now, for you.

Three tools to start shifting your body image from poor to possible:

1) Stop Judging

When you look in the mirror, notice how quickly you go to judge certain parts of your body. Do you judge it for being too big? Too small? Too young? Too old? Too ugly? Whose eyes are you looking through, your’s or someone else’s? Most of us judge our bodies based on someone else’s idea of the perfect body. What if you could get to the place where you were happy having the right body for you?

Start by stopping judgment the moment it starts and choose gratitude instead. In the face of gratitude, judgment cannot exist. For example, if every time you look in the mirror your stomach is the first thing you look at to see if it’s “too fat,” stop it in that moment by choosing to be being grateful for it and everything it is and has been for you. Perhaps you’ve had a baby, instead of judging it for not being what it used to be, acknowledge what a gift it was to stretch and allow a beautiful baby grow inside of it! Get to the gift, and the gratitude and use that to shift your perspective.

2) Embrace Your Difference

Everybody is uniquely different. It’s one of the most beautiful things about the world. When you start getting the gift of your difference, instead of the curse of it, you can start embracing the beauty your unique body is. What is different about your body that you haven’t been celebrating? If you can celebrate and embrace your difference, you can use that as a tool to create more in the world.

For a very long time I used to try and hide my skin. I’m extremely pale. Growing up all I wanted was to be ‘tan’ like the other girls. I tried everything. I tried tanning beds, only to burn. I tried self tanners, only to turn orange. I tried it all. Once I embraced how uniquely ‘pale’ I was, I became happy in my own skin. From that happiness, it didn’t matter what other people thought. Now, I stand out in the room, because I’m happy with my body and it’s happy with me.

3) Ask Your Body

When it comes to your body, start asking it for everything that concerns it. Your body talks to you all the time, are you listening? What’s true for your body will feel “light” and what’s a lie or not true will feel “heavy.” Notice how it feels when you choose different things like clothing or food for your body. Instead of trying to fit in with the latest styles, wear what your body enjoys and looks great in. Avoid the latest diet trends and instead ask your body what it would like to eat. As you start to listen more and more, it will work with you and be your best friend. When you’re grateful for your body, when you’re happy in your own skin, you and your body can become an unstoppable source of joy in the world. And that is one of the most beautiful sights to see. From that place you can use your body as a tool to create anything you desire.

Your body is beautiful. Your body image doesn’t have to be a weapon you or the world uses against you. Use these tools and allow your body to start being the gift it can be to your life and allow yourself to the place where you are happy and unstoppable in your own skin. It’s time to start leading the change in this area and it starts with you.