Whether you are freshly out of college, laid off, or seeking a new opportunity. The idea of being in a dead end job can give unnecessary pressure. Ask yourself, is this the worst place to be? Or, is it an opportunity to really take a look inside what your passions are?

Sometimes we need the opportunity to look inside ourselves and ask what is really important. Job security? Benefits? Liking what we do? They all seem to resonate with everyone. The most important thing is that we enjoy what we do. It may not change the world, but it gives us a sense of self satisfaction. We make our mark and give ourselves a gold star, instead of waiting for someone to give it to us.

I’ve certainly been in a position where I had to take a look at my career trajectory. I wasn’t happy in the place I was, and it started to consume me. I was trying to fit a mold that everyone else expected me to fit. So, I decided to move on.

If we take the time to look inside ourselves, and ask the hard questions, then maybe we can make a bigger difference than we think. Ask yourself these three questions:

  1. Do I truly enjoy what I’m doing?
  2. Do the people I work with help me reach my potential?
  3. Can I see myself making a difference?

All of these questions should help us to ponder how we feel about our current job, or future jobs. If there isn’t a feeling of progression, then why are we here? Look at what options you have. Life is short and we should feel accomplished, appreciated, and thriving at work because we love what we do.