It’s no secret that minimising distraction and maximising focus are key when it comes to being productive. Today I’d like to share a similar piece of advice that can help you experience less stress and more ease during the Christmas period:

Be where your feet are.

Many of us will be travelling to see family and friends over the next week or two. It’s easy to get in a fluster about the things we didn’t get done and the things we need to do next. To worry about getting stuck in Christmas Eve traffic or making sure your family has the perfect day.

Whatever your festive triggers, be where your feet are.

Instead of worrying about yesterday’s tricky conversation or constantly checking your watch to make sure you miss the traffic, be where your feet are.

Enjoy the company of the people you’re with rather than thinking about where you need to be next.

Immerse yourself in your own experience rather than checking your phone to see what everyone else is doing.

Be where your feet are.

It’s my intention to use those five words as my mantra over the next few weeks. Could you do the same?

Photo by Helay Hassas on Unsplash


  • Louise Miller

    Productivity Mentor


    Louise guides busy, successful business owners along a calm path to a more organised life. She believes productivity shouldn’t be about cramming more in, but about creating space to do more of what makes you happy - in your business and your life.