The voices in our head. We all have them. The ones that tell us we’re awesome! That we can be all that we want to be and that we’re not at all frauds, pretending that we know stuff, when like “Jon Snow,” we know nothing.

While that might be true in a perfect world, truth be told, not many of us walk around with tiny cheerleaders on our shoulders, shouting our praises and keeping us motivated. Oftentimes we struggle to encourage ourselves and can even feel unworthy, or god forbid, like  fraudsters.

The term “Impostor Syndrome” is now common place as many seemingly successful Entrepreneurs, Celebrities and the like, have admitted that even in the middle of outward success, they’ve often felt, well, unsuccessful.

Whether you suffer from Impostor Syndrome or not, what we all struggle with, are moments when we simply question whether we’re good enough. Will this business idea take off? Will we ever find that dream job or the even the lover of our dreams?

Maybe to “worry” is human but when worry overwhelms or traps us in a cycle of negative self-talk, we need to find a way out. So where do we begin?

In our head! We begin by changing our inner dialog.

Feeling like a failure when something we desire fails, is normal, staying in that space of negativity is not. We must find the strength to pull ourselves up, to remind ourselves that failure isn’t the end and to keep pressing on in spite of the circumstances that are presented.

We must seek tools that teach us how to recognize the language of “I can’t” and replace it with the language of “I can.” Sometimes it takes professional help and sometimes it simply takes a push in the right direction.

It was with this in mind that I co-wrote the book My Little Book of Mantras with Wayne Lemessy. It’s filled with positive affirmations that guide the reader in the areas of Heath, Love, Self-love and Finance.

They say to err is human so ultimately, we’ll all have struggles and failures. We all have days when we feel like giving up, but if we practice affirming thoughts, positive conversations and walk with a mindset of hope, I believe that we can and will find ourselves, better able to bounce back, dust off and stand confident to face another day.

So start each day affirming that you are grateful to be alive, grateful to have another opportunity to fulfill that dream, to meet someone new. To begin living your best life. It all begins with believing it possible and taking the necessary  actions that manifest the change. Like the late, Whitney Houston sang, “You will, when you believe.”

Photo by Ivan Obolensky from Pexels